"Happiness is not something you experience, it is something you remember." - Oscar Levant
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Why do organizations so often fail to meet their goals?   
Goals are not clearly defined.  
Goals are not communicated to employees.  
Goals are too challenging and impossible to attain.  
Goals left out external influences that could affect the plan.  
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Today e-Governance drives every enterprise so that it can function successfully.

Mindlogicx specializes in e-Governance and is proud to have the full suite of e-Governance components implemented not just for its internal activities but also implemented as a part of the products customized for its clients.

Every Mindlogicxian has access to this integrated e-Governance framework. His personnel data is updated from time to time be it leave data, salary slip details or his task details. He is also able to create a personal library and access to his email account. The same frame work with minor client specific modifications is implemented at the client location.

Needless to say, we preach what we practice.

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