Certificate Authentication System

Mindlogicx university, Bangalore

Mindlogicx believes in providing complete solutions to their customers as its base principle is to provide a delightful experience to the customer. Mindlogicx not only identifies the business risks as a part of the solutions and services it provides but goes a step ahead and implements the solution as a part of the service itself. The business risks are identified with suitable tie ups with industry majors in the field and therefore a fraud risk management system is made use of. This is the first time that such certification process is being implemented in association with an international process consulting firm by which the client can avoid the risk of duplicity and fraudulent certification. This is being done by our patent pending tool known as intelliCAS® (intelligent Certificate Authentication System).

intelliCAS® is a unique Certificate Authentication System is one of its kind fraud management system, under which the certificates issued to the candidates by the client will be authenticated by the company through a Global Access Code (GAC) along with security hologram / smart label. Using GAC, which is a unique ID for each certificate, the credentials of the candidate may be checked and validated from the global database maintained by our partner agency who has their presence in about 140 countries worldwide.

With such a fraud risk assessment, each student will have a unique Global Access Code (GAC), which the prospective employer can verify from the global database. The employer will be able to get complete data about the student, including his marks, performance analysis and validation of the data. By this the issue of handling fake resume can also be effectively handled.

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