Examination Management System


Examination management is one of the major requirements of almost all of the educational institutes and universities today. It is generally seen that every university face two major problems that includes ensuring to conduct fool proof examinations and providing tamper proof certificates. On an average, two out of ten universities face the serious threat of either question paper leakage, leading to canceling of the scheduled examinations or face the ignominy of seeing their certificates being tampered with by unscrupulous elements. Issues such as examination related malpractices are found very often, but not disclosed in order to maintain the sanctity of the university and the faith of the students. But is there any solution to such problems? There are few, but they have their own limitations. An examination management system is one of the effective solutions that can prove as one of the solutions for such a problem. We at Mindlogicx, provide our clients with technology based examination management services to curb all such problems.

Solution: intelliEXAMS® from Mindlogicx is here. This is the complete examination automation solution and can be implemented for any high stake examination. It delivers question papers with authorized access just 30 minutes before exams start via an intelligent integrated system.

The E-Supervisor: intelliEXAMS®, the Examination Management System is an examination software solution powered with state-of-the-art technology to achieve examination automation. This technology suite is available for clients as a solution. It has a web based authoring tool which enables question papers to be set by subject experts from different parts of the world – thus giving the convenience of having the best set of question papers in the shortest time possible. The question paper is set by a randomization process, encrypted, and then sent to remote examination centers, from where the authorized person uses his key to decrypt and then print using high speed printers. Hardware based authentications further ensure the whole process is highly secure and fool-proof.

A product from the Knowledge Resource Centre, intelliEXAMS® is set to be the benchmark university examinations through examination automation in new-age education delivery systems, and set the knowledge revolution in motion.



intelliEXAMS® has been designed by a team of experts with knowledge in both academic and technology domains. The solution has been designed and developed by the R&D wing of Mindlogicx Infratec Limited with a major thrust on security standards. International standards encryption and security systems have been followed for secured delivery of question papers to the remote centres. The delivery system is so unique that hacking is practically not possible. Further, three party authentication takes care of any possible manual errors.

The system has a simple and easy to use web-based centralized user interface and a well-defined database-centric schema for storing, retrieving, managing and aggregating examination objects. IntelliEXAMS® has a powerful but easy to use question bank authoring system with different question types like multiple choices, true or false, fill in the blanks etc. The question banks are managed online and the questions can contain multimedia contents also. The question papers are delivered in a highly secured manner with 128-bit encryption technology to provide peace of mind to the stakeholders. Effective reports are generated to know the details about examinations conducted, examination centre details, fee details, candidate details, cost and budget details etc.

The system manages the schedule effectively for examination centres or individuals and prints the exam hall entry pass with multi-level verification processes including photograph of the candidates. IntelliEXAMS®, which has a built in powerful and flexible reporting system, enables the user to view and analyze the results on demand. The system also enables the user to have university examinations conducted with ease. IntelliEXAMS® has advanced features like comprehensive test engine with randomization of questions and choices and role-based security allowing multiple levels of permissions for authors and administrators.

The examination management system is a unique software solution for the management of university examinations. It includes a range of services that allow the solution to interact with the colleges associated with the university and also provide the framework for all the university level functionalities for the effective conduct of examinations.

The intelliEXAMS® framework is built as a technology suite and provides the solution to the clients as a solution. It has a web based authoring tool by which the question papers can be set by subject experts located in different parts of the world, thus giving the client the convenience of having the best set of question papers in a shortest time possible. The question paper is set on pre set parameters or templates by randomization process and then pushed the same to the examination centers in encrypted format. A certain time period before the examination, the question papers would be decrypted, printed and distributed to the examination centers. The question paper is first encrypted before being sent to the remote examination centers, from where the authorized person uses his key to decrypt and then print using high speed printers. Further, there are hardware based authentications which ensures the whole process is highly secure and fool proof.

As a part of the intelliEXAMS® framework, there is an examination management process that encompasses the management of examinations that are online or offline. It takes into account the attendance and regulations for the course and program and then verifies the fee payments made before the hall ticket generation can be implemented. The results processing and publishing can be done optionally to the students or to the Examination Center after real time analysis of the results, moderation and approval. The following depicts the advantage of using intelliEXAMS® for any examination automating system.


Leading Edge

Cost Effective

intelliEXAMS® is cost effective since it is offered as a packaged solution to the clients under Solution.

The cost per exam is comparatively cheaper than any other system offered by any other vendor.

We take care of all the up gradation, maintenance and support and hence there is no additional cost towards implementation of the same.


intelliEXAMS® is a very secure system with multiple level security checks. User level and system level security makes the entire application very secure.

128 Bit SSL encryption ensures secured delivery of the question papers to the remote locations in few seconds.

Further, hardware based authentication is enabled in the system to avoid any possible hacking.

Maintenance Free

intelliEXAMS® offers comprehensive solutions to the end users and eliminates user centric issues. The solution is completely maintenance free and works seamlessly with any legacy system.

The solution has been designed such that any technical support issues can be handled in modular manner and hence no individual nodes get affected during the running of entire project.

Full control for managing the system remains with the client. This indicates least dependency


intelliEXAMS® is based on open-ended architecture, enabling the solution to be implemented in phases and actualizing future upgrades without disturbing the existing implementation.

intelliEXAMS® offers maximum scalability. This implies that the solution can be implemented in any environment as any time and anywhere assessment solution.

User Friendly

intelliEXAMS® is the only browser-based application developed for the whole examination management solution which offers both online exam and offline exams solutions.

intelliEXAMS® suite can be used as any time, anywhere assessment model both in intranet and internet.

Technological Edge

intelliEXAMS® is built with the latest technology that is also being used in high stake environment.

intelliEXAMS® is supported by latest technology and has built in Business Intelligence which acts as decision support tool to the clients.

128 Bit SSL encryption technology and hardware authentication are used for delivery of question papers.

intelliEXAMS® is a state of the art system to revolutionize the entire examination process by diligently meeting the requirements of an online university examination. The system handles the complete life cycle of Examination Management which includes online registration of candidates, Examination fee management, internal mark uploading, hall ticket generation, question bank management, Question paper generation, e-evaluation or digital evaluation process and up to the reporting of the results. The system is futuristic and scalable and can be deployed in universities, large corporate, banks, etc., for online examinations, common entrance examinations, mass recruitment and for conducting skills up gradation tests.

intelliEXAMS® is an integrated examination software solution to address examination automation. This solution is dedicated to all those universities who would like to create knowledge workers. Integration of this solution within any university would definitely be yet another feather in the cap of the university.

2.6 Million

Students Serviced

25 Million+

Question Papers Delivered

26 Million+

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