While Indian education system adds about 500,000 engineers and 3.5 million university graduates annually to India’s workforce, yet at any given time about 5 million graduates remain unemployed. As per industry reports India would have a huge shortage of knowledge workers in the next 5 years.

Most of the graduates who pass out of the colleges and universities may be good in their subject skills but when it comes to employability, they are found lacking in skills sought after by the industry. These skills are mainly related to presentation skills, cognitive skills, logical skills and communication skills, collectively known as “soft skills”. Further skill sets required for high-end professional jobs in industry are required to be imparted to these graduates to make them truly employable. Broadly speaking, these graduates need to be reskilled and upskilled so that they become either employable or self employable. What is needed now is a mentoring process by which students can be made “Job Ready”.

Keeping this in mind, Mindlogicx Infratec Limited has set up GradFirst® – India’s first Hybrid Finishing School.

What is GradFirst®

GradFirst® is the answer to the unanswered questions of many hundreds of thousands of graduates who were waiting to be employed. It provides employment training to the students from universities and colleges and enable them to transform from being job seekers to job providers.


GradFirst® provides reskilling and upskilling programmes to final and pre-final year students using ultra modern technological tools such as tele-education system for live lectures, content management system for online delivery of knowledge content and learning management system for performance management. The online service is enabled with built in Business Intelligence Tools such as Learning Path and Interactive Graphical Dashboards that provide students the assistance for real time performance monitoring and performance forecasting. Training is specialized and provides high motivation. GradFirst® imparts significant learning in a short span of time thus bridging the industry – academic gap and making students Industry Ready.


Benefits of GradFirst® Programs

GradFirst® covers the entire spectrum of skill building from soft skills to high-end technical skills. The industry is encouraged to look at this set of students who are specifically trained for job opportunities through an organized placement scheme. The major benefits of GradFirst® include the following:

  • Most economical learning for students, at a fraction of a traditional cost
  • Quality content from industry experts and subject experts
  • Continual monitoring of content quality and up-gradations
  • Anywhere-Anytime and self paced learning
  • Auto tracking of the progress by user defined Learning Path & Dashboards
  • Real time monitoring of learner path and capabilities by any moderator
  • Instant review / evaluation and feedback for further improvement
  • Scientifically monitored IT enabled system like speed analyzer, time analyzer etc for faster skills enhancement
  • User defined “groups” for peer to peer contacts in a virtual environment
  • Educational institutions will be able to benchmark and set realistic expectations with innovative and efficient IT enabled Business Intelligence tools
  • For universities, GradFirst® serves as a virtual placement cell wherein their students connect with the industry to find their dream job
  • Corporate / companies can conduct campus recruitment from their desk to fulfill their recruitment requirements
  • Offers simplified recruitment process for the corporate, they can manage their online recruitment examination using GradFirst®.