Innovation @ Mindlogicx


Innovation is not about re-inventing the wheel. We understand that anything that we do will have impact on our children as we don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors but borrow from our children. Our innovation agenda is in strict compliance to this philosophy of creating sustainable value to the our next generation and make sure we do our part in creating a better tomorrow for them. We make technology for our children and we innovate to empower them.

Nature admits no lie and so do our technology. Our innovation is about building a brutally honest technology that is fool proof, tamper proof and future proof. No wonder our customers bet on us for their high stake and mission critical projects.

The innovation circle delivers sustainable value in the following areas:

  • Technology innovation to make our offering “no more good to have but must to have
  • Delivery innovation to create WOW effect in every user touch points
  • Process Innovation towards people Independent and technology dependent service delivery
  • Live & “on the go” Customer support within the technology framework
  • Instant and Data driven decision by Smart Analytics and dashboards

People at Mindlogicx are complex creature as innovators. We make the desert bloom, forest smile and lakes cry. Want to try? Drop in a message. We will let you know how.