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The certificates issued by the universities are required to be secured and validated as these may be prone to be cannibalized by the unscrupulous who can tamper, fake or forge the certificates, thus hurting the brand reputation of the university and the authorities issuing such high stake certificates.

Worldwide trade and industrial bodies are struggling to find a solution to this menace and trade body like International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and Association of Indian Universities (AIU) are working hard to ensure counterfeiting is squarely addressed at the root level.  However  the onus of ensuring that the “high stake certificates” like mark sheets, degree certificates etc issued by them are not compromised with and the sanctity of the certificates are maintained religiously lies with the issuing authorities and the respective universities. With the advent of latest document printing technologies any printed certificate issued to the students are prone to  counterfeiting in so many ways possible even with the latest anti counterfeiting technologies such as bar code, hologram etc.

On the other hand, the potential employers are fraught with the trauma of facing this harsh reality when they end up spending money and resources for getting the certificate validated. The inherent vulnerabilities associated with printed  physical certificate thus have to be addressed. Other than the intrinsic sacrosanct and sentimental value, the printed certificate is losing its relevance, thus making it less contemporary. The only solution to this issue of counterfeiting business is to ensure that all high stake documents are made available online electronically from a  unified “Single Source of Truth” datastore so that the certificates are authenticated “anytime, anywhere” and “on demand”.

Under such circumstances, we need to raise some of the following pertinent questions and find answers as well.

  • Is there a way to stop this menace?
  • Is there a fool proof system available to ensure the certificates are not tampered with?
  • Is there a cost effective solution available?

The answer for all the above questions lie in our patent pending technology suite – IntelliCAS® – our unique certificate authentication system.

This online platform for storing, viewing and further authenticating of data in certificates from a “Single Source of Truth” ecosystem is provided by IntelliCAS® from Mindlogicx.

IntelliCAS® uses modern technology for authentication and validation of data and generates certificates electronically and dynamically in a secured and impeccable environment. IntelliCAS® is a unique system under which the certificates issued to the candidates by the university will be authenticated through a unique Global Access Code (GAC), a 16 digit code printed on certificates. Using GAC, the credentials of the certificates may be checked from any part of the world. Anyone including prospective employers, other universities offering admission and even parents can check the certificates over the web or mobile apps, for their authenticity using the unique GAC.

IntelliCAS® provides tangible benefits to the institutions and students like the following:

  • Prevention of tampering and forgery of certificates
  • Eliminate maintenance of records for years as the certificates are made as “demat” and maintained in our cloud storage for “anytime and anywhere” access.
  • Easy archival of the certificates as and when required from the digital repository
  • No theft, physical damage or degeneration of certificates over time and protection from calamities like fire, water etc
  • Instant and global authentication of the certificates issued
  • Promotion of green environment
  • Completely eliminating physical printing of certificates, thereby cutting substantial cost

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