IntelliEXAMS®- End to End Examination Management System

IntelliEXAMS® is a state of the art technology platform for conduct of high stake “paper and pen” based examinations in distributed environment for large clients like the universities, various examination bodies and recruitment boards etc. The technology platform manages the complete life cycle of the examination processes diligently as “end to end solution” from “registration to result processing”.

The end-to-end Examination Management System handles the entire life cycle of examination right from pre-examination processes such as examination forms filing, admit card generation, roll lists generation, automated question paper generation and delivery to on-screen evaluation of answer copies, result processing and publication. The 128 bit encryption based system is secure and any kind of breach is practically impossible. The security and authenticity of client data is of utmost importance in any IntelliEXAMS® implementation.

IntelliEXAMS®  enables conducting of high stake examinations by the universities and examination boards with utmost security and efficiency. The system takes care of examination related malpractices and helps the universities and exam boards to complete the examination and evaluation work speedily and accurately without any errors.


Unique Modules

IntelliEXAMS® has unique modules which are set to revolutionize the way exams are conducted. Some of the modules of this end-to-end system which deserve a special mention here are as follows:

1. Digital evaluation system

The hand-written answer copies of the students are digitized and provided to the evaluators on-screen for evaluation. The on-screen evaluation takes care of many issues in the evaluation such as accuracy, reliability and authenticity of evaluation by individual evaluators. Since digital evaluation process is time tracked, it brings in much needed accountability in evaluators while performing evaluation.

Most important use of digital evaluation system is the transparency it bring-in the evaluation process. The on-screen evaluated answer copies can be provided to the students using web-interface for their review after publication of results. The students can compare their performance vis-à-vis top rankers and standard best answers and get automatic feedback on their performance. This handles the headache of large universities to provide the evaluated answer copies to their students in line with prevalent transparency and RTI norms.

2. Question-paper delivery system

This that handles the problems related to question paper leakage. The question papers are generated couple of minutes before the start of actual exams, and dispatched electronically to the examination centers in digital encrypted format. At the examination centers, there is three tier security mechanism that helps in downloading, decrypting and printing of question papers using high speed printers. The process is highly secure and fool-proof that eliminates any logistic loopholes in printing and transportation of hardcopy question papers to the examination centers.

3. Result processing and certificate authentication

This module of IntelliEXAMS® provides the business intelligence in result processing and publication. The controller of examination can graphically visualize various statistical parameters of the result data which is otherwise quite vast to easily comprehend given large number of students and large size of data points. The graphical and business intelligence enabled tools help the university administration to take data driven decisions.

The system makes use of the sophisticated randomization processes to generate GAC for every mark-sheet and degree certificate that hacking is practically not possible. Using the GAC the authentic electronic version of the mark-sheet and certificate can be viewed online.

4. Exam e-governance

Exam e-governance related to end-to-end process of examination. This includes pre-examination processes such as online exam form, exam fee processing, online attendance and internal/practical marks uploading and hall ticket generation. The post-examination processes such as MIS report generation and result analytics are part of the integrated e-governance framework of IntelliEXAMS®.


Why IntelliEXAMS®

All the stake holders including students, teachers, college users and university users and administration can use the online e-governance system from the standard web browser using secure user-id and password provided for the purpose. The system has an inbuilt workflow management system wherein the data originates from specific points such as colleges, students and university operators and authenticated at specific levels with due validation and approvals from designate authorities.

IntelliEXAMS® addresses the requirements of large universities in conducting examination and managing related processes with more ease, accuracy, reliability, security, transparency and accountability. Some of the advantages include:

  • Cost and time saving in the whole examination process
  • E-Governance based system to minimize paper work within departments
  • Secure question paper delivery so as to avoid any leakage of question papers
  • Ensures tamper proof mark sheets and certificates and eliminates any chance of faking of certificates
  • Faster, accurate and efficient on-screen evaluation of hand-written answer scripts from anywhere across the world
  • Transparency with hosting of evaluated answer scripts to students after evaluation
  • Tamper proof hall tickets to avoid impersonation in examination halls
  • Provides security and intelligence in the whole examination process


2.6 Million

students serviced

25 Million+

Question Papers Delivered

26 Million+

Answer Scripts Evaluated