Why Job Ready Portal

Every employer is looking for a specific set of skills from job-seekers that match the skills necessary to perform a particular job. But beyond these job-specific technical skills, certain soft-skills are nearly universally sought by employers. In a survey conducted by NACE U.S. (National Association of Colleges and Employers) employers were asked to rate the importance of candidate qualities and skills on a five-point scale. The results indicated that Communication skills (4.7 average), honesty/integrity (4.7), teamwork skills (4.6), interpersonal skills (4.5), motivation/initiative (4.5), and strong work ethic (4.5) are the most desired characteristics.

If we look at future major areas like IT, ITES, Banking and Insurance services, which demand a strong proficiency in soft-skills and talent rather than the traditional skills, then the requirement of bridging this skill-gap becomes imminent. Along with bridging of the skill gap there is a requirement of passing on the ready-to-use skilled manpower to the industry.

Job Ready Portal provides recruiters access to profile database of students who have undergone training from GradFirst® for various reskilling and upskilling programs. In this way, Job Ready Portal acts as a bridge between the availability of skilled manpower and the needs of the industry.

The Job Ready Portal (JRP) addresses the needs and challenges of corporate by providing them skilled workforce on a platter. The needs and challenges addressed by the Job Ready Portal include the following:


  • Large scale expansion plans of companies in India
  • Scarcity of good experienced engineers leading to sharp increase in salaries
  • Preparing broad base talent pool available for hiring
  • Pressure to keep average per hire cost under control


  • Diverse and heterogeneous quality of technical education in India
  • Vast geographical spread of engineering campuses
  • Low awareness in campuses about product companies and emerging technologies
  • Year long campus recruitment cycle in most campuses
  • Lack of good avenues for campus branding and visibility

The JRP addresses these challenges by leveraging its strong relationship with academic institutions all over the country. It helps corporate to get better response from various educational institutions and vice-versa. In turn, GradFirst® creates opportunities for students to fulfill hiring requirements of recruiters from the industry.


  • Provides long-term visibility to corporates through India by connecting them with universities and colleges
  • Building up online knowledge repository consisting of reskilling and upskilling programs to train fresh graduates
  • Establishment of country’s first knowledge network (K.Net) platform
  • Business intelligence enabled technology platform providing anywhere-anytime access to students as well as employers; thus rationalizing job market across domains and geographies
  • Evolved processes for flexibility and scalability to bridge campus – to – careers gap