Life at Mindlogicx

Life at Mindlogicx

People Focus

For any IT related and development/services company, its people are its biggest asset. Mindlogicx makes sure this value keeps appreciating by adopting Corporate Governance. The Company is committed to adhering to Sir Adrian Cadbury’s “Code of Best Practice”. The Company will have three committees overlooking functions such as finance, employee benefits and transactions with related parties.

As a part of the above initiative, Mindlogicx reviews the annual performance of the employees in a most scientific manner. The company has also developed a feedback program for the professional growth of the employees.

The company is technology driven and a people managed organization. People are the raw material and the real assets.

There is no formula for people care and hence the management will let its genuine care to take care of the people and in turn the people will take care of the company.

The strategies that will be utilized in the above process include the following:

  • Continuous monitoring of growth path and career design
  • Genuine recognition for excellence
  • Professional in-house training for upgrades and new technology
  • Programme for development of communication skills, inter-personal skills etc.,
  • Participative project management
  • Work place autonomy
  • Attractive reward package
  • Absence of barriers and hierarchies for quality people
  • Providing a career and not just a job

The Human Resource Group within Mindlogicx works with the single minded aim of creating an open and transparent system where the employee is free to innovate.