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The MindDoX Enterprise Content Server™ suite enables a corporate to deploy a wide variety and large quantity of digital content as a central repository. MindDoX makes it easy for users across the organization to contribute and manage all kinds of content including unstructured content, documents and rich digital media assets. MindDoX ECS applies enterprise-class workflow to all managed content and leverages common repository and library services. Content is managed in a multi-level hierarchy that is also ideal for managing catalogs and product information. The content server also supports integration of real-time data from back-office applications. The ability to manage such diverse content with a single system creates efficiency and reduces cost. This system gives the organization the platform along with the tools it needs to get content under control so that it can be put to work.

Advanced Search EngineHigh performance XML query language enables search on full-text, strings and numeric, time and date ranges. Search operators include boolean, proximity, frequency, priority, wildcards and complex truncation.

Multi-Criteria Sorting

Extensive multi-criteria sorting on any element or document attribute allows maximum flexibility in ordering presented results.

Flexible Indexes

The ability to logically group, related elements and attributes into indexes, enables precise queries and optimized performance.

Dynamic Indexing

MindDoX ECS instantly updates appropriate indexes, as documents are added, modified or deleted – enabling real-time access to information.


The native XML repository allows for maximum scalability and performance. MindDoX ECS is able to store and query millions of documents.

Multiple File Format Support

Any binary file, such as images, video and PDF can be stored in the repository. In addition, MindDoX ECS leverages metadata platform, enabling XML metadata to be read and indexed by the server.


MindDoX ECS replication scheme allows the master server to act as a publisher of content to one or many subscribers. This guarantees synchronization between servers for distributed search load and enhanced reliability.

Version Control

MindDoX ECS provides a complete version control API which delivers the flexibility to manage multiple versions of a document, access to previous versions and the ability to control the number of versions maintained.

Document Check-in/Check-out

MindDoX ECS enables users to lock and unlock documents to control user access and the editing workflow.


Organizing documents hierarchically into collections offers a more flexible way to control access and enable searches on document sub-groups.

Document Security

Various security roles restricting access to the server can be assigned to documents, collections and document bases.