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A two way interactive collaborative platform is an essential feature of any tele-education or virtual –education network. It must provide the facility of a virtual class-room in the educational framework. The two way interactive collaborative platform for digital delivery of content over a designated network provides features for live two-way audio video based lecturing with the moderator facility.

MindGenii is a true two-way interactive collaborative tool offered by Mindlogicx as a part of its Virtual Education Framework that exhibits the following features. The solution has been customized to provide end to end solution for corporate communication.

MindGenii has provided the power of improving and broadening the reach of the user and to communicate as if you are “face-to-face” with anyone across the world.

MindGenii has been created for the delivery of virtual interaction in terms of live lectures, training sessions, teleconferencing, etc., MindGenii also has the facility of a moderator who coordinates and moderates the virtual sessions. The software has a white board for real time application sharing between the moderator and the remote user. MindGenii enables two way video and audio conferencing as one to one and one to many. MindGenii enables users to simultaneously conduct “textual” chat. MindGenii also has a provision for “Hand raising” by the users. This will enable the user ask the moderator to hand over the mike to the user.

Using MindGenii for online web meetings or to hold training programs to present information, share applications not only with customers and partners, but also to closed user groups around the world in a virtually connected environment ensures ease of information sharing as well as connecting to teams that are geographically dispersed.

Share a virtual world

A new level of efficiency has set in with advances in Enterprise Meeting Management. Expect everything from improved operational efficiency, better visibility into spending, ROI and customer satisfaction and more with MindGenii, the Mindlogicx EMM suite.

Video Compression Technology edge

Meetings are central to any corporation’s marketing strategy to advance corporate goals, in a seamless way across all levels of management. Recent developments show that Enterprise Meeting Management solutions can save a company 20 to 30 percent of its time with improved operational efficiency and goal orientation. Mindlogicx adds a cost saving factor also to it, with a special low-cost video compression technology that gives seamless two-way video based interactions with options for file transfer facility also. Talk, see, share files and work better, Instantly.

Please download the white paper for a range of insights, trends and new solutions that have made this suite an indispensable organization tool.

Mindlogicx advantage

Though there are a couple of well known names in the meeting management domain, Mindlogicx Infratec Limited is different from them due to the low cost video compression technology enabled that gives seamless two way video based interaction with the options to have online file transfer facility during the meeting because Mindlogicx believes that seeing is believing.

MindGenii Solution

For any effective business communication, two-way interactive collaborative platform, is an essential feature and it provides the facility of virtual meeting room for the corporate. MindGenii provides two-way interactive collaborative platform for digital delivery of content over a designated network for live two-way audio video based communication with moderator facility.

MindGenii, in addition to providing a range of online data communication services products, also provides “guide rails” to help planners and administrative assistants stay “within bounds” when running meetings. A policy engine within the system tracks the meeting for its purpose, timing, costing, budgeting and also the internal approvals given for such meetings resulting into decision makings. The comments from the participants can be shared by all in the meeting and they can also place their opinions online before the meeting concludes which typically works like the minutes of the meeting and in some times the same facility can be used to pass “critical remarks” or “product ratings”.

MindGenii further allows integration of third party tools that may be required for online survey, polls, etc so that the customer is assured of RoI and absolute satisfaction. The solution is web enabled and hence offers a truly global communication meeting solution with intelligence built in for effective decision making – truly any time and anywhere.

If you would like your enterprise to be a global player with multi disciplinary functions, then MindGenii will give you the magic carpet to flow from place to place while transacting your business. Please do call us. We will set up a meeting and demonstrate how MindGenii can bring magic in your business.