Mindraker BIG

Opinion polls are done as a survey of opinion from a particular sample of population. Opinion polls and surveys are usually designed to represent the opinions of a population by conducting a series of questions and then extrapolating generalities in ratio or within intervals. Product based companies prefer to take feedback on their products from the target groups with the help of opinion polls and surveys. This seems to be the best way to understand the needs of the target group and then analyze the positioning of their products.

The trend to gather input through opinion polls and surveys has come a long way and plays an important role in deciding the future and the sustainability of products in any industry. The awareness and necessity of making data driven decisions for products and services is becoming essential. Results of opinion polls and surveys also decide the direction and strategies in organizations world wide.

OoPs (Online opinion Poll and Survey) tool is based on the most popular online quiz software suite of Mindlogicx known as Mindraker which has used by many thousands of students for online quizzing. It is India’s first integrated Online Quiz platform that provides integrated services for online quiz, online opinion polls and online surveys. The system is a Web 2.0 enabled service platform and the users can use the service for scientifically conducting online quiz, survey and opinion polls and get instant results. The system has Business Intelligence embedded into it, thus giving desired results to the users in a jiffy. OoPs is the next generation software suite that can make things easy for the end users and has rich multimedia based interface to make it more interesting for the users. Use it to believe it.