The Virtual University solution handles the entire life cycle of the online learning process within the university framework integrated into a single e-governance portal with a single authentication that acts as the user’s passport to access the virtual university at any time, from any place. The life cycle includes online registration, online counseling, online payment of fees, online content delivery, digital library access, online self assessment, two way interactive live lecture delivery, online generation of hall tickets, online / offline examination management systems, online generation of e-transcripts with options for learning management, performance analysis, performance forecasting etc.

A university on your palm

Mindlogicx has created yet another industry first with the integrated technology suite – MindSpace, the 360 degrees virtual education platform that enables online education delivery. It is a complete platform to automate the learning and administrative life cycles of a university. The solution is best suited for distance education programs, which can now truly go beyond boundaries.

Though there are established products like Black board which are essentially LMS based, MindSpace is the only integrated system that takes care of the entire life cycle of the learning process from admission to awarding the degree. Features such as secured question paper delivery system, online hall entry pass generation; self assessments, examination management etc are unique in MindSpace. Mindlogicx stands out because Business Intelligence is built into the system inherently viz., Learning path for performance analysis & performance forecasting for the end users and real time analysis like speed analyzer, time analyzer in a Closed User Group. Another BI unique feature is the Dash Board that enables the user to take on competition head on.

A solid soul: At the heart of MindSpace is the Intelligent VEDAS, which takes care of both pillars of the education system – Education Delivery & Knowledge Assessment. The Virtual Education Delivery and Assessment System take care of all services like online payments, digital library, self assessments, online generation of hall tickets, generating e-transcripts etc. The system has in-built intelligence that provides the users with a tool to measure their performance metrics instantly.

Research for utility: MindSpace is a product of intense research in the academic domain, with many interesting and innovative features to enable online education delivery. Learning Path is one of them, by which one can do comparative performance analysis. The system provides options for students to do performance analysis and performance forecasting as well. The solution is implemented for large universities and corporate who require it for establishing distributed learning platforms which are ultimately cost effective and scalable.

Hosted & Shared services: MindSpace is offered as a Managed Application Service (MAS), under which the software, hardware, connectivity, back-up and even disaster management is provided by Mindlogicx, leaving only the academic administration to the client. It is simple, robust and ready-to-use. Revenue sharing from user fees is a mode of payment, which allows a great flexibility to the clients who truly get the best of both worlds – A world class system at work that lets them reach anyone, anytime, anywhere.


Virtual Learning

Mindlogicx believes that the process of business consulting can also be extrapolated to education, with the same professionalism. Education is the backbone of any economy and the future of the next generation depends on the knowledge they acquire today. As communication makes the world a global village, education stands to gain in a big way. Remote towns and villages can now be connected to universities directly, in whichever city it exists, and suddenly distance education gathers a whole new meaning.

Pioneering education concepts with Virtual University

The application of technology to the learning process enhances access to content and its effectiveness in a dramatic way. It helps people acquire skills at their own pace and time, also helping their organizations become more responsive to change. Mindlogicx has created the MindSpace suite of application specifically for this purpose. From counselling to admissions and then the final examination, everything is now truly at the user’s fingertips.

Everything is possible with MindSpace

From content creation and assisting in easy collection, archiving, processing to distributing information in learning materials, the e-way has changed it all. Study material can easily be collected from experts in various disciplines wherever they are, and provided to candidates wherever they are. Servers from one location today, can help millions learn beyond geographies and time zone.

The MindSpace Advantage

  • Students don’t have to travel to campus
  • Study at home, while at work or on the road
  • Wide range of online degrees
  • Wide range of prices to fit a range of budgets
  • Anytime, anyplace learning
  • Distributed, reusable and integrated learning and training
  • Courses available online 24 X 7
  • Course material designed online by established academicians from universities and institutes worldwide
  • Read material online or download the same
  • Large number of collaboration tools like forums, text chats and message boards are made available for students to exchange ideas and information
  • Huge database of online journals, periodicals and digital books made available online
  • Students can learn at their own pace and leverage their time without travelling to the campus
  • Highly scalable, reliable and robust system with integrated security mechanism that can support thousands of online users simultaneously
  • Classroom training involves a lot of expenses, those from teaching, travelling, learning material and others. Studying online would, in comparison, cut cost on an average of 30-50%

Flexibility to choose subject of interest

Virtual universities also make it possible for students to choose the subject of their interest, specifically minor courses, which was not possible in rigid syllabus patterns of general learning courses.

Teaching with audio-video presentations

Online teaching with text, audio, video support can help the same lesson reach anywhere. Moreover, it makes the teaching more interesting and impactful. The Virtual University system has a complete system of recording, follow-up, inspecting and evaluating the learning of each learner as well.

In step with the new age

An added benefit of Virtual education online is the familiarization with technology tools, as the user gets to use computers regularly.

The company has built the MindSpace solution to enable universities to adopt true e-governance system. The solutions has been integrated using some of the tools developed by the company and has built in Business Intelligence as a default option. The solution is futuristic, scalable and robust enough to handle huge volume of data of the clients

Business model

Mindlogicx is in the process of implementing MindSpace, the technology platform that enables universities to deliver its programmes on virtual mode and provides the following deliverables to the students and the administration:

Online counselling, online admission, online fee payment, online learning services through LMS, LCMS, CMS, Digital Library, two way collaborative live lecture delivery with white board facility, online self assessment, online generation of hall entry pass, enabling online and semi online (LAN version) examination, e-transcripts and up to providing / getting the degree online.

The content delivery of Virtual University framework is taken care of by the Knowledge Delivery Center of Mindlogicx. The KDC processes the contents of the university through Instructional design, conversion into XML, following industry standards such as SCORM compliance.

The online education delivery solution is offered on turn key basis to the university by setting up the entire project for including necessary hardware, software, connectivity, back up, disaster recovery etc and the business model is on revenue sharing basis by charging per student basis.