Mindsupport BIG

MindSupport is a hosted interactive customer support software solution for live help, live support, visitor tracking and proactive sales for a company’s website. MindSupport allows the organization’s representatives to engage in a one to one chat with your web site visitors in real-time. MindSupport is an effective tool being adopted as a standard communication channel for serving customers via the Internet. The tool can be integrated for service providers like web hosting, real estate, financial, universities, e-commerce stores, insurance, law firms and much more.


The basic features of MindSupport include the following:

Spell Checker – Eliminate spelling mistakes with our powerful spell checker, which automatically outlines mistakes as you type.

Customizable Company Logo – Client can upload their company’s logo. It is a customizable one.

Receiving an Alert – The operator receives an alert whenever the user clicks the Start Chat button.

Message Templates – The operator can select the stored messages and send it to the user.

Chat Transferring – The operator can transfer the chat to another operator. Suppose the user wants the .NET operator to explain about Java, the .NET operator can shift the user to the Java operator.

Avoids page Refreshing – It avoids page refreshing, so that the user can chat efficiently.

Graphical Emotions – Sometimes, an image conveys the meaning of a thousands words.

Sound Effects – Sound is played when a new message is received or someone enters the chat room.

File Transferring – The operator can transfer images or emoticons to the user while chatting.

Quick Response – The response is quicker. It results in efficient chatting.

Operator Details and Status – The user can see the profile of the operator during chatting.

Offline Messaging – When there is no operator, if a user enters chat, he can leave an offline message to the operator.

Chat History – The conversation between the operator and user can be searched by the administrator by date range or user.

Multiple Simultaneous Chat Sessions – One operator can handle any number of chat sessions at the same time. Each session runs in a separate room tab in the operator console.

High Load Support – It supports thousands of users and they can chat at a time without any degradation in response time.