Global Knowledge Management System & Delivery company

Mindlogicx Infratec Ltd is a global knowledge management and delivery company. The company’s innovative products and solutions are meant to create sustainable value to the clients and provide complete peace of mind to them by diligently managing their problems end to end using industry standard delivery framework. The technology delivery is managed by highly qualified professionals with over many decades of professional experience in handling large IT projects such as Examination Management System (EMS) for hassle free examination automation, Knowledge Management System (KMS) for promoting graduates as “knowledge workers” and enable them become “Job Ready”, establishing a cashless campus for universities through Payment Management System (PMS) by way of e wallets for students and faculties and setting up an integrated  market place for powering e-commerce transactions amongst the user community in a closed loop environment powered by MindMall® and delivering the whole lot of services as a closely knit and packaged solution from our globally patent and trade mark registered technology suite known as VEDAS® which has been built over five years of extensive R&D and continued innovation as the world’s first integrated and intelligent platform for knowledge management and delivery.

VEDAS LIVE® is the foundation that powers the flagship services of Mindlogicx including its globally patent registered technology suite – IntelliEXAMS®, The Hybrid Finishing School – GradFirst®, Certificate Authentication System – IntelliCAS®, Mindmall® and a host of other products and solutions  offered by Mindlogicx. The company’s technology offerings are futuristic, scalable, robust and innovative and its people are the assets. The company is technology driven and people focused and pride itself to be an innovative company in the knowledge management and delivery domain. Mindlogicx is a true technology company obsessed with continued innovation, true to its ideology of interpreting knowledge and powering competency.

As a business process, Mindlogicx does not believe in B2B or B2C or any such thing. We believe in P2P and transact “People 2 People”. The technology, the delivery, the people and the constant endeavour to be at top of the innovation curve are all part and parcel of our ideology that we hold close to our heart – TAKING TECHNOLOGY TO THE COMMON MAN. We believe that the common man in every one of us and the technology we build is to enable us to have a better life, better future and be part of a better world. We would like to create a world of consisting of knowledge based eco system that is set to transform the world. We are dreamers, achievers and perfectionists. We are what we should be – “the unstoppable Global Indians”.

We believe that if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you and hence we also ensure that we build technologies that will continue to challenge us every moment and push us towards perfection day by day, code by code and project by project. We are perfection personified. We “Make in India”

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Technology to the Common Man


Interpreting knowledge and powering competency of our clients using innovative technologies and establish leadership in the knowledge based eco system.