IntelliEXAMS® is a state of the art integrated Examination Management System for conducting “high stake” examinations for universities and large exam bodies in a distributed environment. The system handles the complete life cycle of examination from registration to result processing.

IntelliEXAMS® has been designed and developed by the R&D wing of Mindlogicx with a major thrust on security standards. The delivery system is so unique that hacking is  practically not possible. IntelliEXAMS® has unique modules which are set to revolutionize the way exams are conducted by Universities and large Examination Boards.


GradFirst® enables the final and pre-final year students become job ready. It provides essential knowledge and skills online using cutting-edge technology platform. The training programs at GradFirst® comprise of Reskilling to impart skill-set which are mainstream today and in great demand by the industry as well as Upskilling to provide high-end certification training programmes mapped to specific job roles. These programs maximize employment potential and competitiveness in the new economy.

GradFirst® – The Hybrid Finishing School bridges the skill-gap among students with the aid of versatile, easily scalable and highly robust technology platform. It provides industry specific skills to make the students “employable” and “self-employable”.


JobReady4U is an innovative Job Portal for the freshers. It connects candidates with the prospective employers by serving as a bridge from “Campus to Careers” for the students. It helps corporate to get better response from educational institutions to fulfill their hiring requirements and vice-versa it creates employment opportunities for the students.

JobReady4U acts as an enabler by providing long term visibility to corporates by connecting them with Universities and Colleges. It provides authentic and ready-to-use skilled manpower to the industry.


IntelliCAS® uses modern technology for authentication and validation of data and generates certificates electronically and dynamically in a secured and impeccable environment. IntelliCAS® is a unique system under which the certificates issued to the candidates by the university will be authenticated through a unique Global Access Code (GAC), a 16 digit code printed on certificates. Using GAC, the credentials of the certificates may be checked from any part of the world. Anyone including prospective employers, other universities offering admission and even parents can check the certificates over the web or mobile apps, for their authenticity using the unique GAC.

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