The MindDoX Enterprise Content Server™ suite enables a corporate to deploy a wide variety and large quantity of digital content as a central repository. MindDoX makes it easy for users across the organization to contribute and manage all kinds of content including unstructured content, documents and rich digital media assets. MindDoX ECS applies enterprise-class workflow to all managed content and leverages common repository and library services. Content is managed in a multi-level hierarchy that is also ideal for managing catalogs and product information. The content server also supports integration of real-time data from back-office applications. The ability to manage such diverse content with a single system creates efficiency and reduces cost. This system gives the organization the platform along with the tools it needs to get content under control so that it can be put to work.


A two way interactive collaborative platform is an essential feature of any tele-education or virtual –education network. It must provide the facility of a virtual class-room in the educational framework. The two way interactive collaborative platform for digital delivery of content over a designated network provides features for live two-way audio video based lecturing with the moderator facility.

MindGenii is a true two-way interactive collaborative tool offered by Mindlogicx as a part of its Virtual Education Framework that exhibits the following features. The solution has been customized to provide end to end solution for corporate communication.


Mindlogicx is in the process of implementing MindSpace, the technology platform that enables universities to deliver its programmes on virtual mode and provides the following deliverables to the students and the administration:

Online couselling, online admission, online fee payment, online learning services through LMS, LCMS, CMS, Digital Library, two way collaborative live lecture delivery with white board facility, online self assessment, online generation of hall entry pass, enabling online and semi online (LAN version) examination, e-transcripts and up to providing / getting the degree online.

The content delivery of Virtual University framework is taken care of by the Knowledge Delivery Center of Mindlogicx. The KDC processes the contents of the university through Instructional design, conversion into XML, following industry standards such as SCORM compliance.


MindLib – the digital library is a collection of services and information objects that support the user in dealing with information objects and presentations as well as organizing the objects available directly/ indirectly via electronic or digital means.

This is much more than just a collection of material in its repositories. It provides a variety of services to all of its users (both humans and machines and producers, managers and consumers of information). There are a large and varied set of such services, including services to support management of collections, services to provide replicated and reliable storage, services to aid query formulation and execution, services to assist in name resolution and location, etc.


MindSupport is a hosted interactive customer support software solution for live help, live support, visitor tracking and proactive sales for a company’s website. MindSupport allows the organization’s representatives to engage in a one to one chat with your web site visitors in real-time. MindSupport is an effective tool being adopted as a standard communication channel for serving customers via the Internet. The tool can be integrated for service providers like web hosting, real estate, financial, universities, e-commerce stores, insurance, law firms and much more.


MindRaker is the Online Opinion Poll and Surveys Platform based on the most popular quizzing platform developed by Mindlogicx. This tool has been used thousands of times to conduct online quiz competitions, opinion polls and surveys from students across the board.

Results of these opinion polls and surveys also decide the direction and strategies in organizations worldwide. MindRaker is the next generation software suite  that can make things easy for the end users and has rich multimedia based  interface to make it more interesting for the users. Use it to believe it.

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