Mindlogicx is global technological company with a difference in the EdTech space

The foundation of Mindlogicx is based on unshakeable grit, bold ideas and a fierce passion to manifest those ideas into end-to-end solutions. It offers an integrated technology suite that are designed to amaze users.


Offline Assessment

Our offline assessment solution is specifically designed for ‘pen and paper’ exams through IntelliEXAMS®. This assessment solution can also be accessed through our mobile app. Read More

Online Assessment

An intricately designed state of the art technology; our online solutions is secure and enables online exams to be conducted from anywhere on the planet. Our online assessment serves peace on a platter Read More

IntelliPAD plus-03

Test Preparation

IntelliTUTE® is a state of the art technology platform and a comprehensive cloud enabled Solution to assist tutors in Managing, Conducting & Evaluating Mock Exams while providing In-depth Student Performance Analytics & Parental Oversight. Read More



IntelliEXAMS® offers innovative, secured cloud-based solution for examination management system, perfectly blend with art and technology to conduct high-stake examination in distributed environment where operating foolproof examination is a daunting challenge.


Conduct of high stake examinations?!? Worried about Question Paper leakage?  If you go through Chaos, confusion and problems of delivering multiple questions to multiple locations, worry NO MORE.Secured Question Paper Delivery System Brought to you by IntelliPAD® An integral part of the IntelliEXAMS® eco system

Symphony Model

The Symphony Model is the new technology delivery model that aims at delivering a rich and personalised service offering from its MNOC integrated with the KenCloud, OTT Studio, IntelliDEVICES, centralized tech support, analytics, mobile apps etc., thereby providing a lifetime experience of visual delight and WOW effect to the customers.


KenCloud® supports all client project instances by providing services and data across the globe. Each exam centre at the time of examination, downloads data from KenCloud® to facilitate user authentication and question paper delivery JIT to the right devices and right users.

Take Care of your all assessment needs with IntelliEXAMS®