Mindlogicx Kingdom

Elevate thyself as such, that the creator himself asks,
“what is it that you will?”

Mindlogicx is a Kingdom of knowledge that exists and powers planet earth by knowledge empowerment and value creation to the fellow global citizens. Mindlogicx is not a mere technology company, but a technology empire obsessed with knowledge creation and knowledge empowerment and practices technology
powered knowledge based eco system as its religion, language and culture. It’s all about knowledge and it’s all about innovation that drives the Knowledge empowerment in every touch point we come across. Our
technology suite VEDAS gives the wings to fly.


The power to fly into the rainbows and into the future, the glorious future that belongs to you and to
all of us – the global citizens. We are crazy enough to think that we can change the world and audaciously ambitious in realizing the insurmountable task of making it happen.
Why because we believe in ourselves.


key products

“All the great kingdoms of the future will be kingdoms of the mind created through ideas, innovation, and obsession – creation of such a kingdom is worth living and dying for”

Technology as a domain can’t be stand alone. It must go with the human life
cycle of value creation. No great technology can thrive unless it connects
seamlessly with the human being as part and parcel of the eco system. While
technology can be the essence of value creation, the knowledge that
empowers the technology is the value innovation that
defines a market that never existed before.


Value Innovation and not mere technology innovation differentiates us from
the ordinary and makes us extraordinary as a great Knowledge Engineering
Company and has enabled us to open commercially compelling new markets
which we have created, nurtured and operate upon.

our product line

Stand up for what you believe in

Symphony Model

Mindlogicx believes in creating a wonderful user experience to its clients by delivering the technology with human touch. Every component of the technology and the delivery is carefully crafted, artistically designed and meticulously engineered to perfection.


The Symphony Model is the new technology delivery model that aims at delivering a rich and personalised service offering from its Master Network Operating Centre (MNOC) integrated with the KenCloud, OTT Studio, IntelliDEVICES, centralized tech support, analytics, mobile apps etc., thereby providing a lifetime experience of visual delight and WOW effect to the customers.


It’s an artistic fusion of “Poetry in Software” and
“Haiku in Gadgets”.
We call it Symphony of Things (SoT)
that orchestrates the
global technology delivery.