JOBREADY4U for corporates

4 ways Corporates benefits from JOBREADY4U

JOBREADY4U for corporates

JobReady4U is an online portal that provides organizations to facilitate the access of 100% authentic freshers’ database. This is achieved by offering students training on soft-skills, followed by mainstream business and IT skills that boost the employability of students over time. Successfully completing employability skills training, graduates become prepared for ‘job ready’ as employable candidates. Thus the process bridges the gap between campus to career. On the other hand, recruiters also get benefitted as JobReady4U eliminates the process of verification providing 100% verified credible list of students.

Here are 4 main recruitment solutions that recruiters can benefit from JobReady4U :

1) No time and effort spent on verifying candidates:
When it comes to hiring talents, organizations have to invest a lot of time in hunting, short-listing, verifying and finalizing the right candidates. JobReady4U drastically cuts down the time and effort spent by recruiters on conducting background checking for the shortlisted candidates by providing 100% authentic and verified pool of freshers. This is made possible only through, one of therevolutionary product of MindlogicxGradFirst, a hybrid finishing school equipped with freshers with the most relevant industry skills.

2) Hiring a huge pool of freshers becomes easy as a breeze:
Large scale expansion plans of companies are always challenging. They require a considerable investment in terms of time, networking and money. JobReady4U solves this issue by making a broad base authentic talent resource to recruiters for hiring.

3) Finding candidates with the right skill set, instantly:
Owing the diverse and heterogeneous nature of technical education in India, freshers come with varied exposures and skill sets. This is where the hybrid finishing school, GradFirst, comes into the picture. GradFirst scales the skill-level of fresh graduates and makes them industry ready. This skilled manpower is made available to recruiters on JobReady4U, the placement cell of GradFirst.JobReady4U does an exact match of the skills needed by employers and the skills honed by GradFIRST, thereby bridging the gap between employer and employment seeker.

4) Cutting down hiring costs:
When the right talent is difficult to find, recruiters have to search long and far across platforms and campuses. Naturally, longer the hunt is, higher the expenses will be. JobReady4U solves this problem by helping recruiters offering the exact match of candidates, thus cutting down the overall hiring cost as well as the per head hiring cost as well.

Thus, JobReady4U addresses the challenges of businesses by leveraging its strong relationship with academic institutions all over the map. It helps organizations to garner better response from various educational institutions and eventually the best suitable candidates for their hiring requirements.