IntelliEXAMS Assessment Solution for universities & corporate

5 ways IntelliEXAMS® helps universities & corporate

IntelliEXAMS Assessment Solution for universities & corporate

Conducting secured and complete foolproof high stake examinations in a distributed environment is a critical task for universities across the globe. Examination boards and recruiters go through the excruciating process of handling examinations with crucial exam dates and timings, conducting multiple examinations at the same centre, facing challenges of impersonation of candidates and making sure that the question papers are not tampered. In other words, what they actually require is an end to end yet comprehensive exam management solution that will allow protection of the sanctity of the examination processes.

Four out of 10 bodies that conduct examinations all over the world are said to have faced the above challenges. Besides, other common challenges such as anti-counterfeiting of certificates and bringing down the cost of delivery of examinations are also matters of concern for them. These challenges may unfavorably influence the brand reputation of the examination conducting bodies. In their defense, they need to implement technology-based processes and solutions to handle exams from start to end.

The Solution by Mindlogicx:

Mindlogicx has developed a comprehensive examination management system that delivers peace of mind by addressing the said pain points effectively. The technology suite, IntelliEXAMS, handles the complete life cycle of the exam that includes online registration of candidates, examination fee management, internal marks uploading, hall ticket generation, question bank management, question paper generation and secured delivery, digital evaluation of hand written answer scripts to result processing and reporting of the results.

IntelliEXAMS has been developed by a team of experts with expertise in both academic and technology domains. The solution has been designed and created by the R&D wing of Mindlogicx with utmost focus on the security standards. International standards encryption and security systems have been integrated for the secured delivery of question papers to examination centers. The delivery system, which uses IntelliPAD to display questions, is so unique that hacking is practically impossible. Further, three party authentication eliminates the possibility of manual errors.

While IntelliEXAMS can play a key role in the entire process of exam conduction, here are some key challenges that is being obsolote with superior technology:

1.Question Paper leakage: IntelliEXAMS stores question safe from hackers in KenCLOUD and uses IntelliPAD to deliver questions JIT(Just In Time).
2.Impersonation of candidates: IntelliEXAMS delivers e-question papers using IntelliPAD , which requires biometric authentic using fingerprint, thus making impersonation of candidates during exams impossible.
3.Errors in evaluation: The integrated Digital E-Valuation System(DVS) of IntelliEXAMS makes and preserves digital copies of answer sheets, thus promoting fairness and transparency for students and convenience for evaluators.
4.On time Result Processing and Analysis: The IntelliEXAMS suite gives a bird’s eye view of the evaluation status to the university and examination bodies. It also processes, analyses and displays results post evaluation.
5.Tampering of certificates: IntelliEXAMS successfully prevents tampering of certificates through IntelliCAS, by providing a 16 digit unique Global Access Code (GAC). Using this code, universities and recruitment bodies can instantly verify certificates.

Besides solving the above challenges, IntelliEXAMS also assists with centralized profile management for easy verification, User Performance Analysis, student attendance, fee details and marks sheet view. So if you’re looking for an all-in-one superhero that can solve all your examination woes, check out IntelliEXAMS to learn more.