Who We Are

Mindlogicx is a global technology company in the “Knowledge Engineering” domain. The technology products and solutions offered by Mindlogicx maximize clients’ potential by delivering sustainable value and diligently meeting their requirements. The company is committed to working towards creating a knowledge based eco system that captures, manages and delivers the knowledge seamlessly through an intelligent platform known as VEDAS® connecting all the stake holders of the eco system. The technology offering is a fusion of mathematical precision and poetry in software.

Embracing change through knowledge

Everyone talks about changing the world without even knowing what needs to be changed. Are we trying to change the world of order? Are we trying to change the social fabric? Are we trying to change the cultural fabric? Or we are simply trying to change what we don’t like to see? There is chaos. There is uncertainty. The fact of the matter is the world needs to be changed for prosperity and equality among the global citizens. A perfect world where one can realize his value of being part of the human race by knowledge empowerment.

Empowering world through Knowledge

Knowledge is power and knowledge leads to prosperity and equality. The idea of a perfect world can’t be designed by any one or few hundred or few hundreds of thousands of experts. It can be designed only by millions and millions of codes written by people who believe in what they do. They are the crazy guys who believe in changing the world and making the world a perfect place to live. They don’t bother about what happens around them but stay focused about what they create around them, moving the idea of a perfect world one inch at a time. We are one among them and we are proud to be so !

Technology is our religion

At Mindlogicx, we believe our core values and belief system are aligned to one universal philosophy that technology is the religion that binds every global citizen. The foundation of Mindlogicx is based on unshakable grit, bold ideas and a fierce passion to manifest those ideas into value innovation.We are crazy enough to believe that technology is our way of life, our language, our culture and the very reason for our existence

Key Management Team

Suresh Elangovan

Founder, CEO & Chairman

Kunal Mondal

Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer (India)

P.S. Srijith

Director, Sales (South East Asia)

Govinda Rajan

Director, Global Operations

Arun Subramaniam

Director – Global Sales

Dr. Paul King

Member - Advisory Board

We stand for what we believe in, even if it means standing alone

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