The foundation of Mindlogicx is based on unshakeable grit, bold ideas and a fierce passion to manifest those ideas into end-to-end solutions. It offers an integrated technology suite that are designed to amaze users.

Mindlogicx is not a mere technology company, but a technology empire obsessed with knowledge creation and knowledge empowerment and practices technology powered knowledge based eco system as its religion, language and culture. It’s all about knowledge and it’s all about innovation that drives the Knowledge empowerment in every touch point we come across. Our technology suite VEDAS gives men the wings to fly.

Innovation is ingrained in the DNA of Mindlogicx as it is being an R&D based technology company which has the best of both worlds – the ancient gems of wisdom gleaned from the Vedas and the futuristic mindset of modern technology to rule the industry.

Why Mindlogicx

Have you heard about a company that believes in technology as its religion and way of life? Yes. You heard it right. We are the crazy company that believe technology as our way of life, our future, our language, our culture and the very reason for our existence.

Mindlogicx has been built with bold ideas, with unshakeable grit to take the ideas forward and with a fierce passion to manifest those ideas into end-to-end solutions such that the users experience sheer joy through an integrated technology suite that is just a Symphony of life. A celebration of life called Symphony with our compelling technology offerings.