5 Ways to Ensure That Exams Remain A Fair Way to Measure Students’ Merit

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While there are arguments questioning whether examinations are the best way to measure students' merit, it cannot be denied that examinations are by far the most widely accepted method of evaluation. However, the recent CBSE question paper leak is just another example of how gullible the stakeholders are: from universities to students. Question paper leaks aren't [...]

Mindlogicx Revolutionary Suite of Products

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There's something poetic about delighting users through groundbreaking technology, which could otherwise be intimidating. Our revolutionary technology offerings are custom built for users and are centered around their requirements. In a nutshell, our products are easy to use yet address and solve pain points of businesses big and small. We constantly innovate with a goal of [...]

Overcoming menace of question paper leakage

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Education is one of the building blocks of a nation. For any nation to develop and prosper, it is important to make education accessible to everybody. Governments around the world are taking numerous measures to make this happen, so that citizens get opportunities to contribute to the growth of their nation. These opportunities are usually given [...]

5 Ways IntelliEXAMS Helps Universities & Corporate

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Conducting secured and complete foolproof high stake examinations in a distributed environment is a critical task for universities across the globe. Examination boards and recruiters go through the excruciating process of handling examinations with crucial exam dates and timings, conducting multiple examinations at the same centre, facing challenges of impersonation of candidates and making sure that [...]

4 ways corporates benefits from JobReady4U

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JobReady4U is an online portal that provides organizations to facilitate the access of 100% authentic freshers’ database. This is achieved by offering students training on soft-skills, followed by mainstream business and IT skills that boost the employability of students over time. Successfully completing employability skills training, graduates become prepared for ‘job ready’ as employable candidates. Thus [...]

That’s How We Do IT @ Mindlogicx

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We are in the business of architecting the future. Our people - our army of soldiers - keep us ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving world of technology. People are at the core of what we do; they are our best assets as well as the fierce torchbearers of our lofty dreams. They are the [...]

Mindlogicx- Architecting the Future

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Want to drive change? We'll be your gearbox! Do you want to change the whole ecosystem of your organization or sector at the global level? We know it isn't easy. With great ambition comes great hurdle and hindrances. The biggest challenge of all, however, would be to tackle people's predisposed reluctance to change. Since people are [...]

IntelliPAD and High Stake Examinations

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A common issue that plagues the entire exam conduction process is the leakage of question papers. Not just this, universities often grapple with secured question paper delivery as well as impersonation of candidates during examination. Tampering of answer sheets is also a fairly common problem. Students, on the other hand, have to bear the brunt of [...]

IntelliPAD – a turnkey solution to ensure sanctity of examinations

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The question paper leakage of Zimbabwe School Examination Council (ZIMSEC) exams is a recurring crisis that mars the conduction of fair exams in Zimbabwe. This is especially true of the O’ Level question papers that get leaked almost every year. In November 2017, a 25 years old man was held for allegedly leaking English examination paper. [...]