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Mindlogicx – Architecting the future

Mindlogicx – Architecting the future Want to drive change? We’ll be your gearbox! Do you want to change the whole ecosystem of your organization or sector at the global level? We know it isn’t easy. With great ambition comes great hurdle and hindrances. The biggest challenge of all, however, would be to tackle people’s predisposed…

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IntelliPAD® and high stake examinations

IntelliPAD® and high stake examinations A common issue that plagues the entire exam conduction process is the leakage of question papers. Not just this, universities often grapple with secured question paper delivery as well as impersonation of candidates during examination. Tampering of answer sheets is also a fairly common problem. Students, on the other hand, have…

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That’s how we do it @ Mindlogicx

That’s how we do it @ Mindlogicx We are in the business of architecting the future. Our people – our army of soldiers – keep us ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving world of technology. People are at the core of what we do; they are our best assets as well as the fierce…

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