World over there is a need for “hand holding” the aspiring students and candidates who want to succeed in their studies or professional goals and look for coaching institutes that can covert their weakness into strength and turn the threats into opportunities by working closely with them.

The coaching centers play a vital role in shaping them from “what they are to what they ought to be” through knowledge collation, transfer and assessment as well. We complement them by providing the world’s best technology platform to manage their continued assessments needs. Some of the challenges faced by the coaching institutes include:

  • Providing on demand assessments
  • Authoring the frequently conducted assessment question papers
  • Managing profile, fees, etc manually
  • Balancing the tutor – candidate ratio
  • Keeping parents updated on the candidate’s performance
  • Linking performance metrics to their legacy system

Digitalize your institute with IntelliEXAMS®

Our cutting-edge technology product IntelliEXAMS® helps the coaching institutes to conduct assessments frequently with ease and share the evaluated answer sheets with candidates for self-evaluation. The home assignments can be done by the candidate using the intuitive mobile app which allows the candidates to view and print the question papers and scan and upload the answer scriptsor response sheet as well. Once the answer script or response sheet is uploaded in the cloud, the faculty can access the same for On screen marking anywhere, anytime using any devices including windows, iOS and Android devices. Some of the value added features include:

  • Automated assessments and assignments – Online and Pen and paper-based
  • Anywhere and anytime assessment
  • Flexibility to take assessment from anywhere
  • Digital evaluation of answer sheets
  • In-depth performance analysis and eventual performance prediction
  • Compatible with Apple and Google classrooms
  • Improved assessment and assignment design
  • Effortless record management
  • Digitization at the source of assignments and integrate with existing systems
  • Parental oversight on candidate’s performance
  • In-app fees payment and tracking
  • Increase assessment process efficiency
  • Zero down manual tracking
  • Ameliorate your cost-efficiency

IntelliEXAMS® offers complete peace of mind to the coaching institutes by intuitively working on their needs and connecting with all stake holders such as the students, faculties, administrators and the parents as well. For further details contact

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