Corporate Social Responsibility

Our promise to shape a better world for living..

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reflects business management approach of an enterprise integrating economic, environmental and social responsibilities for its sustainable development. Although the approach of CSR varies with its practices in diverse organizations, Mindlogicx pursues definitive structure of corporate responsibility and is committed to creating values in the human lives as a responsible corporate, considering innovation in action. In addition, our CSR activities also focus on economic goals and encourage companies to balance financial profits, economic value addition and social good.

Initiatives taken by Mindlogicx

At Mindlogicx, we value the way our industry empowers towards social welfare to drive advancements towards sustainability. We have developed and have taken leadership in many unique CSR activities. For last 3 consecutive years we have joined our hand with many charity events in order to bring headway in the society we share.

  • Joy of Giving: The event name itself portrays the context of sharing the joy with all. While the whole world lights up in the glorious season of the year in Christmas, we celebrated the festival with Shishumandir by contributing some valuable donations.
    While the silicon valley of India is brimming with tech-giants, in the alleys of other corner children are growing in poverty. With the collaboration of Shishumandir, we took initiatives for these underprivileged children by sharing clothes, books, toys or anything valuables to bring smile on the innocents. Many our employees came forward to carry responsibility for their future education.
    Overcoming all the societal challenges, we have engaged ourselves in this charitable event for last three successive years.
  • Eco-friendly Deepawali: Aiming to conserve natural resources, we have come forward with a potential step towards environmental sustainability. In the joyous festival of lights, we promote the message of “Minimize the Poisonous Gases and Maximize Happiness, Let us all Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Deepawali”.
    Instead of crackers, we have shared happiness distributing sweets and gift vouchers within our employees to stand against noise and air pollution.

    Initiatives taken by Mindlogicx

    Life at Mindlogicx is all about being ideologically identical while maintaining each individual. We focus on well being of each personal and enabling their professional development in our global personnel. With range of programs and events, we provide tangible benefits for our employees from health management system to work-life balance.

    As a global knowledge engineering company, we are continuously looking forward for powerful innovative minds that can share the dreams and work towards building a better tomorrow.

    Life at Mindlogicx – it’s thrill, it’s cool, it’s breeze and it’s balanced. It’s about sharing and caring of our collective dreams. For us no dream is too big. Come and join us. We will incubate your dreams