To keep the employees upgraded in their skills, corporate conduct frequent training and assessment. Keeping track of each employee’s training outcome, performance assessment and performance data, etc is challenging. They also need to share these details across teams (in-house and geo-located) if needed. Some of the challenges corporate go through in the whole process include:

  • Authoring and generating question papers
  • Creating question banks
  • Evaluating the assessments
  • Sharing performance information with managers, employee, etc
  • Maintaining records of all such assessments

Conduct hassle-free assessments with IntelliEXAMS®

We enable the corporate to conduct a fair, reliable and valid assessment through our cloud based solution IntelliEXAMS®. Keeping the corporate needs in mind, IntelliEXAMS® is designed to work for corporate level assessments such as performance assessment, upskilling and continuing assessments etc. Some of the features offered for the corporate include:

  • Designing and authoring the question paper
  • Item banking system to create question bank
  • Deliver question papersin a distributed environment
  • Automated evaluation of objective-type assessments
  • Informative performance analysis dashboards
  • Record maintenance of all assessments for each employee

Add value to certification programs

We do not believe in ‘one size fit all’ hence, IntelliEXAMS® is created considering the diverse environment of the corporate world. Be it geo-located employees or culture variation or a difference in language; IntelliEXAMS® can be localized for generating multi-lingual question papers. The value creation our technology brings to the corporate is immense such as the following:

  • Flexibility of localization
  • Easy to use across geo-located offices
  • Easily shareable performance analytics
  • Geo-located evaluations
  • Cloud-based encrypted solution
  • Manage complete program lifecycle

Accomplish your business goals with IntelliEXAMS®

Corporates aspire to deliver assessments that provide accurate results while offering employees pleasant experience. We have designed our solution to just meet their needs seamlessly. For further information on how we can help corporate level assessments please reach us on –

Upskill and upgrade the talents

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