Mindlogicx is a Kingdom of knowledge that exists and powers planet earth by knowledge empowerment and value creation to the fellow global citizens. Mindlogicx is not a mere technology company, but a technology empire obsessed with knowledge creation and knowledge empowerment and practices technology powered knowledge based eco system as its religion, language and culture. It’s all about knowledge and it’s all about innovation that drives the Knowledge empowerment in every touch point we come across. Our technology suite VEDAS gives men the wings to fly.

The power to fly into the rainbows and into the future, the glorious future that belongs to you, to me and to all of us – the global citizens We are crazy enough to think that we can change the world and audaciously ambitious in realizing the insurmountable task of making it happen. Why because we believe in ourselves. As a company, we do things that are different, disruptive and futuristic. Innovation is our life line and creativity is our way of life.

We deliver technologies for the global citizens that are artistically created, carefully crafted and meticulously engineered to perfection using the future proof tech stacks that touch their lives in real sense. Trust us. We give men the instincts using Artificial Intelligence, the extraordinary gift only God can give because we care for the humanity and our fellow citizens. Using our future proof technology and knowledge empowerment tools, we have carefully nurtured every sensation man has been inspired to have, despite all his imperfections because we are here to make the change that we always wanted to have.

We are creators of technologies that move the world and make people come closer to each other.
So, we believe we are GOD. May be the Greek Gods?

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Mindlogicx Mission

Be a globally respected disruptive technology company
driven by Knowledge.

Mindlogicx Vision

Build Future Proof Technologies and be the leader in the
Knowledge Engineering Domain.

why Mindlogicx

Have you heard about a company that believes in technology as its religion and way of life?
Yes. You heard it right. We are the crazy company that believe technology as our way of life, our future, our language, our culture and the very reason for our existence.

Mindlogicx House

Creativity, innovation, and passion
are the key factors that power our
inorganic growth

Mindlogicx has been built with bold ideas, with unshakeable grit to take the ideas forward and with a fierce passion to manifest those ideas into end-to-end solutions such that the users experience sheer joy through an integrated technology suite that is just a Symphony of life. A celebration of life called Symphony with our compelling technology offerings.

Our technology offering is a fusion of mathematical precision and a classic poetry of creative software which otherwise is the code for success of the entire humanity. You can see the pride of every Mindlogicxian in the technology suite crafted with their heart and soul as the code. Feel it. Sense it. Live it. Love it. We are what we are supposed to be – The unstoppable warriors to empower the human race.

Mindlogicx Innovations

Experience visual and functional marvels

fueled by our passion for innovation

Innovation is ingrained in the DNA of Mindlogicx as it is being an R&D based technology company which has the best of both worlds – the ancient gems of wisdom gleaned from the Vedas and the futuristic mindset of modern technology to rule the industry.

We think about concepts akin to making an oasis in the desert, a craft soaring the skies, a weapon at its deadliest best and seemingly complex solutions turn rudimentary.

Mindlogicx breaks the shackles that engulf the boundaries of the mind and innovate. Mindlogicx innovates not just to leave a legacy behind but to create and implement long lasting concepts impacting not only the markets and businesses but to awe the technological sphere itself.

Mindlogicx Sword


Achieving unlimited recognition
at the global stage

Mindlogicx is here to empower and enable the world with vision and a sense of achievement. We will touch the lives of the common man to make the difference. We are prominent members of varied leading industry bodies, apart from being represented by prestigious trade and industrial bodies globally.

We adhere to international standards of excellence and compliance. Mindlogicx has been certified and won several awards and accolades.

Mindlogicx Flag

People Focus

At Mindlogicx Kingdom, their people are the purpose and assets. They are the Prince and Princess of the Mindlogicx Kingdom. Every action starts and ends with their people and every decision taken is people centric.

Mindlogicx follow a code of conduct to ensure their people are empowered in every possible ways including the following:

  • Continuous monitoring of growth path and career design
  • Genuine recognition for excellence
  • Professional in-house training for skills upgrades and new technology
  • Programme for development of communication skills, inter-personal skills etc.
  • Work place autonomy
  • Attractive reward package
  • Absence of barriers and hierarchies for quality people
  • Providing a life time career and not just a job

People at Mindlogicx are ordinary people with extraordinary will power who have overcome odds with resilience and conviction. They have turned the tides to our sides and sailed through the rough sea. But this is nothing great because that is what heroes will do
that makes them legends

They conquer everything that they set their eyes on and hunt down the goals and bring the world closer. They work on a mission and that is Mission Impossible but they make it Possible

The Human Resource Group within Mindlogicx works with the single minded objective of creating an open and transparent system where the employees are free to innovate.
Come and celebrate the life@mindlogicx. career@mindlogicx.com
A life time of opportunities await you. It will be a life spent defending something which is the core of our value system