Assessing job specific skills of candidates made easier with IntelliEXAMS

Recruitment boards play a crucial role in assessing candidates to build the workforce to support growth and productivity of an organisation. But conducting assessments of candidates for a particular business vertical or for a particular role is a tedious task during which the boards face quite many challenges.

Assessments are a critical part of the recruitment process and are incorporated between the initial screening process and the closing interview. Assessments give concrete, objective results, in contrast to resumes and interviews, that are subjective and might be fudged. A well-planned assessment can be standardised for all candidates, and the results of the assessment can be used to make a more knowledgeable decision when hiring the right candidate. Objective and validated performance-based analytics demonstrate whether a particular candidate has the knowledge, skills, and ability to perform a specific job or not. Choosing a right assessment solution will lead to higher productivity and results, more efficiency in hiring process, decrease in costs, and increased security of the hiring process.

Manual assessments, however, will take up a great deal of time; and even with these tests, recruiters tend to make errors by means of asking the incorrect questions or testing candidates on the wrong parameters. That’s where IntelliEXAMS comes in. IntelliEXAMS assessment solution helps to assess specific capabilities or traits of potential candidates (for a particular job) to determine how appropriate they are for that specific job. Assessments are conducted to evaluate and measure the readiness of candidates for a particular job post.

The technological suite of IntelliEXAMS makes the mundane tasks of recruitment easier and less complicated by assessing job specific skills of candidates before interview. It helps you to measure candidate’s knowledge, technical skills, cognitive ability, behavioural traits and language proficiency needed for a specific job role. It allows the recruitment boards to make an informed hiring decision.

IntelliEXAMS assessment solution enables in assessing candidate skills objectively and precisely.

Why use IntelliEXAMS assessment solution for your recruitment needs

Recruitment boards are continually experimenting to transform their business. To drive this change, a skilled candidate is the key. Recruiting the right talent is a biggest challenge for recruiters and hiring managers.

To ease these hiring challenges faced by recruitment boards, IntelliEXAMS, a one-stop assessments solution is equipped to assist recruiters in building a talented workforce – better & faster!

The assessment solution of IntelliEXAMS provides the largest inventory of ready to use skill-based assessments, designed and validated by subject matter experts. The skill assessments are updated frequently. Assessments managed through IntelliEXAMS, significantly reduce the amount of time recruiters or hiring managers spend screening candidates, especially in high-volume hiring. These assessments give meaningful insight into whether or not the candidate might succeed in particular roles and thus aids recruiters to make quality hires. Since assessments help figure out who will perform well on the job, the costs related to turnover and hiring may additionally decrease. To make the recruitment process absolute and effortless the emphasis is on offering below perks to our customers such as:

  • Latest technological know-how & quality recruitment-based assessments
  • Detailed analytics of candidate’s job specific skills and knowledge
  • Strong technical support
  • User-based access management

IntelliEXAMS understands the objectives of recruitment boards to get their next best hires in a timely and cost-effective way.

IntelliEXAMS – the right pick

Our technology suite IntelliEXAMS does everything right from question paper authoring till publishing result of assessment immediately; you can easily manage all in one system.

The following are the benefits of assessments for recruiters with IntelliEXAMS:

  • Reduces the responsibility of manually administrating tests thereby automating the entire assessment process. It saves recruiters time, money, and valuable resources that can be put to better use.
  • Results of the assessments are delivered instantly, reducing the recruiter’s workload significantly.
  • Measurable and accurate insights are gathered from smart performance-based analytics that eliminate human error. This is more authentic than humanly interpreted data.
  • The assessments are able to capture and read the emotions and actions of the candidates, that a recruiter might possibly miss out, much more accurately.
  • The possibilities of hiring satisfactory candidates are greater and there is a minimised risk of bad hires.
  • Assessments can be taken up anytime and anywhere, recruitment boards have a much larger pool of screened candidates to choose from.
  • All assessment data and files are securely stored in cloud thus eliminating the need for hard copies.
  • Several candidates can simultaneously take the assessment from any geographical location.
  • Support for BYOD with added security, thus removing any chances of malpractices.

Modernice su organización

IntelliEXAMS ensures that the assessment is conducted in a secure way and the result can be quickly published so that candidate short listing for next rounds can be done in no time. También se puede hacer un análisis de desempeño cualitativo de los candidatos para destacar los puntos fuertes de un candidato.

  • Integrable con el sistema de gestión de la identidad existente
  • Conduct all assessments in a secure way
  • Reduced turnaround time of the process
  • Quick result sharing with customers due to immediate result publication


The use of recruitment-based assessments is on the rise. One of the foremost contributing factors to the present trend is that employers are finding several traditional approaches to recruitments such as resume reviews, to be time consuming and unreliable. Regardless of whether you are able to gather accurate and helpful information from a candidate’s resume, finding the ideal candidate for your vacant position is a difficult task. A candidate may additionally have impressive qualifications, however what makes them the best fit for a particular job? Recruitment boards are searching for new and reliable ways to evaluate top talent, and assessments are a great tool to help determine whether a candidate is truly a good fit for the job or not.

There’s no doubt that recruitment-based assessment platforms are here to stay. IntelliEXAMS assessment solution provides flexibility for the candidates as well as recruiters, and the whole procedure of testing job applicants is simplified. Assessments for recruitments will continue to become more intuitive as time goes by, and our dependability on them will persist. We do need and will continue to need recruitment assessments more than ever before. An assessment platform such as IntelliEXAMS, with the right features to suit your recruitment-based needs is what matters – and as long as you remember that, you will be able to continue recruiting high-quality candidates after assessing them satisfactorily.