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Mindlogicx as a company, over the years, has been involved in creating disruptive technologies and has created a niche market for itself. Mindlogicx wants to provide a great user experience to its global clients by seamlessly integrating various components of the technology and delivering value innovation.

We have designed Symphony of Things (SoT) that orchestrates the global technology delivery which is artistically designed, carefully crafted and meticulously engineered. This is the Symphony Model – an artistic fusion of “Poetry in Software” and “Haiku in Gadgets”.

The SYMPHONY MODEL aims at delivering a rich and personalised service offering from its Master Network Operating Centre (MNOC) integrated with the KenCloud, OTT Studio, IntelliDEVICES, centralized tech support, analytics, mobile apps etc., thereby providing a lifetime experience of visual delight and WOW effect to the customers.

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