Intelligent Assessment Technology Suite

IntelliEXAMS® is an integrated and intelligent assessment technology suite to assist any “certifying & qualifying assessment bodies” and other assessment boards in managing the entire life cycle of assessments taking care of security, data anonymity and test integrity.

Value Creation

  • Has in-built Item Banking System (IBS), QP authoring tool and options for integration with native LMS and Google class room and Apple Class room eco system
  • Supports any form of assessment including Pen & Paper Based, Online or MCQ, test prep or mock assessments, Corporate Assessment and home assignments
  • Enables secure and Just-in-time delivery of question papers to test centres in a distributed environment
  • Enables on demand evaluation / On-Screen Marking of hand written answer scripts and digital documents providing for both quantitative and qualitative assessments
  • Supports cross Platform access viz., Windows, iOS and Android with BYOD options
  • Assists the administrators with extensive and intuitive analytics and dash boards

Secure Cloud based Solution

IntelliEXAMS® is compatible with any legacy systems and it is SSO-based. We strictly follow data anonymity to protect the data of all users. The solution is cloud enabled and is highly secure and scalable.

Item banking System (IBS)

  • Question paper creation and individual question type selection
  • Question paper preview before submission
  • In-app review and approval by SMEs
  • Customizable templates for question paper creation
  • Question paper stored in an encrypted format on cloud

Intuitive On-screen marking

  • Freehand and in-built annotations
  • Facility for identity masking
  • Rubrics-based performance analysis
  • Multiple concurrent evaluations
  • No geo-location barrier, global outreach

Assessment and home assignment using BYOD

  • Just-in-time question paper delivery
  • Geo fencing of BYOD for enhanced security
  • Anytime, anywhere usable
  • Reduces management efforts
  • Noticeable reduction in infrastructure cost

Performance analysis and certificate management

  • Parental oversight to monitor their ward’s performance
  • Less turnaround time
  • Dashboards and analytics for performance measurement and monitoring
  • Anti counterfeiting of transcripts and certificates

IntelliEXAMS® supports the common platforms including Windows, Android, and iOS.

IntelliEXAMS® mobile app supports Android 5.0+ and iOS 6+ versions.

Web app supports Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

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