Technology Delivery

IntelliEXAMS® technology suite is made available both as “on premises” and “SaaS model”. The solution is modular in nature so that the clients can opt for any specific module. The solution is supported by user friendly mobile apps and has cross platform capabilities supporting Windows, iOS and Android based devices and has the best interface to deliver a wonderful end-user experience. The solution supports Apple class room and Google class room eco system as well.

In either “on premises” or “SaaS model” the end user is given the “Experience-as-a-Service” delivery framework through:

  • User friendly mobile apps with live analytics
  • Live tracking of all assessment workflows by creating a “Virtual Command Centre” (VCC)for the admin to have complete control on “what matters the most” during assessments
  • Geofencing of client managed BYOD with the option to “Know Your Data” (KYD)on demand
  • Knowledge Forum for Instant access to peers and networking for serious transactions
  • Interactive dashboards to markers for quantitative and qualitative grading
  • Built in cross platform capabilities under windows, iOS and Android for seamless application usage “anytime, anywhere”
  • Data Anonymous Operations through Secure by Design capabilities
  • Podcasting
  • Intuitive Customer Experience framework for a personalized service delivery

Experience as a Service

We don’t simply sell products. We sell experience. It’s all about selling wonderful user experience

And selling a life time experience of memories. Because we know people will forget what you said, what you did, but will never forget how you made them feel
Mindlogicx is committed to providing a rich end user experience through the Symphony of Things (SoT) that orchestrates the global technology delivery which is artistically designed, carefully crafted and meticulously engineered to perfection.The user experience is powered by the SYMPHONY MODEL that aims at delivering a rich and personalised service offering from its VIRTUAL COMMAND CENTRE (VCC) integrated with the CLOUD, IntelliDEVICES, centralized tech support, analytics, mobile apps, podcasting etc., thereby providing a lifetime experience of visual delight and WOW effect to the customers.

As a motto, Mindlogicx delivers a premium end user experience at every end user touchpoints under the broader framework of “Experience-as-a-Service” whereby customer experience is captured live and processed for product enhancement.

Say hello to the Future

We use progressive ML algorithms for intuitive analysis for answering pattern, time taken, idle time, difficulty level, switching across to different questions etc for online assessments and deploy the following features as well.

  • Severity level
  • Repetition level
  • User behaviour over the assessment phase
  • Progressive evaluation based on answering pattern
  • Unique UI & UX for wonderful user experience

Just say Hello to the future with IntelliEXAMS®

Experience as a Service You will simply fall in love

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