A finishing school that helps to make graduates into professionals

GRADFIRST® bridges skill-gap among students with the aid of versatile, easily scalable and highly robust technology platform powered VEDAS (Virtual Education Delivery and Assessment System) and the students have the comfort of studying the chosen subjects from anywhere and anytime using various modes including mobile apps.

GradFirst® – Hybrid Finishing School

GradFIRST® – The Hybrid Finishing School which provides employability training to final and pre-final year students and makes them Industry-Ready on one hand and on the other hand provides a job portal with a database of authentic profiles of the job-seeking students tailored with job-ready skills.

The database is 100% authentic and is the Single Source of Truth (SSOT) through an innovative exclusive Job Portal www.JobReady4U.com so as to enable the potential employers to take a call on the students without having to worry about background verification.

GradFirst® provides reskilling and upskilling programmes using advanced technology-driven tools for live classrooms, online dissemination of knowledge and has an intelligent assessment engine as well for the students take course correction as they progress. Business Intelligence Tools are a key aspect of the system which provide students with real time performance monitoring and forecasting.

GradFIRST® is a Triple-Edged Sword that understands the needs of students, universities, and employers and metes out substantial benefits to all the three

Benefits to Students:

  • Access to content mapped with industry based skill demands
  • Anywhere, anytime and self-paced interactive learning
  • Auto tracking of performance by user defined learning path and dashboards
  • User defined ‘Groups’ for peer-to-peer contact in virtual environment
  • Exposure current job trends in industry
  • Enables them to become “Job Ready”

Benefits to Prospective Employers:

  • Access to 100% authentic database of skilled fresh passed-out manpower at practically no cost
  • Get “ready to deploy” candidates to escalate productivity