How IntelliEXAMS® helps manage exams for K12 & Higher Education, Recruitment Boards, Coaching Centers and Corporate

Internet and social media-oriented people in this modern world have started demanding better, flexible and accurate examination systems capable of conducting real-time assessments. The rapid increase in technology has instilled the lost faith in the assessment industry by laying the foundation of conducting online & offline exams or test prep exams through examination management system.

Examination management systems evaluate the candidates through a fully automated system which saves time and gives fast & accurate results. This article discusses how the examination management software IntelliEXAMS® is useful for academic, recruitment boards,corporate, and coaching centers.

Before proceeding further let us understand IntelliEXAMS®.

IntelliEXAMS® is an innovative technological solution which allows any industry or institute to conduct examinations via a secure cloud enabled platform.

Let us now understand the benefits of this examination management through IntelliEXAMS® in every area in detail.

K12 & Higher Education: This examination software empowers all K12 and Higher Education institutes to create questions for multiple courses efficiently and to configure tests allowing the candidates to take exams conveniently. It also aids the examination authorities and candidates to skip lengthy formalities involved in the examination process. IntelliEXAMS® will not just ‘digitize’ your operations but can carry out tedious operations like managing candidate profile, hall ticket generation, drafting question papers, delivering question papers, evaluating answer scripts with ease and in very less time.

Recruitment Boards: Recruitment boards play a vital role in assessing the right candidates to develop a skilled workforce to support growth and productivity of a company. IntelliEXAMS® ensures that the tests are conducted in an exceedingly secure manner and therefore the result is quickly processed so candidate shortlisting for next rounds is done in no time.

Coaching Centers: Embracement of the traditional method of evaluation by private institutes often resulted in delayed results and enormously impacted the scope of improvement for candidates. Through the IntelliEXAMS® technological suite, coaching institutes can start their own mock examinations or testing portal and launch their private certification programs. This examination not only facilitates holistic learning of students but also keeps the coaching institutes to stay connected with students beyond classroom hours to resolve their queries.

Corporate: Corporates can adopt an online or offline mode of examination management through IntelliEXAMS® to conduct aptitude tests. An employer administers these tests after a candidate submits his initial job application to filter unsuitable applicants. An employer can assess the natural ability of the candidate to perform certain tasks efficiently within a stipulated time.

The explosive growth of the internet and technology has made available new means of examination management systems that has challenged the validity of conventional methods of assessment. Examinations managed through IntelliEXAMS®, have not only eased the life of K12 & Higher Education, Recruitment Boards, Coaching Centers and Corporate, but has also brought a high level of transparency.

Transitioning to digitized assessment provides numerous benefits to all the institutions ranging from K12 & higher education and coaching institutes to a recruitment board or corporation running certification programs or assessing training effectiveness. Complete digitization of examination management system provided by IntelliEXAMS® is being welcomed with open arms by the examination bodies.

This intuitive assessment enables the examining bodies to conduct examinations in different geographical areas. Also, the examination proctoring enhances security & avoids examination malpractices.

The examination faculties longed for a system that instills their faith in the way assessments are conducted. Adaptation of assessment through IntelliEXAMS® is the need of the hour.