Even the sturdiest anti-counterfeiting techniques are cracked by unscrupulous elements. Mindlogicx has built a unique technology to address the menace of counterfeiting which is known as IntelliCAS® by eliminating the menace at the root level itself.

The IntelliCAS® solution provides a 16-digit unique alpha numeric code called Global Access Code (GAC) affixed to each certificate. Anyone including prospective employers, other universities offering admission and even parents can check the certificates over the web or mobile apps, for their authenticity by visiting using the unique GAC. This way, the employer need not engage a third party or approach the parent University. The system populates the data live from the database and displays the certificate on the user terminal instantly. This is possible as the IntelliCAS® is an online platform maintained in the cloud for anytime anywhere access.

IntelliCAS® is a pioneering certificate authentication system embellished to prevent counterfeiting or tampering of high stake documents like marks sheets and certificates. It uses modern technology for authentication and validation of data and generates certificates electronically and dynamically in a secured and impeccable environment.


This is the only online platform for storing, viewing and further authenticating of data in certificates from a “Single Source of Truth” ecosystem provided by Mindlogicx.

Why intelliCAS

IntelliCAS® is a unique system that gives certificate issuing authorities and bodies the freedom to devolve from the customary norm which is proving to be unreliable and thus unacceptable.


IntelliCAS® offers a tamper-proof and digitally enabled future to outwit successfully the certificate frauds out there.

Benefits to stake holders

Benefits to the stake holders

IntelliCAS® provides tangible benefits to the institutions and students like the following:

  • Prevention of tampering and forgery of certificates
  • Eliminate maintenance of records for years as the certificates are made as “demat” and maintained in our cloud
    storage for “anytime and anywhere” access.
  • Easy archival of the certificates as and when required from the digital repository
  • No theft, physical damage or degeneration of certificates over time and protection from calamities like fire, water etc.
  • Instant and global authentication of the certificates issued
  • Promotion of green environment
  • Completely eliminating physical printing of certificates, thereby cutting substantial cost

Some of the critical security aspects of the solution include the following:

data security

Data is ‘secured’ through encryption and multi-level validation and
approvals by the Universities

Information is read only

Information is stored in the platform as ‘read only’ thus making it ‘Immutable
Single Source of Truth’

Facilitates validation & authentication of the data in the certificate as
‘declared facts’

Facilitates validation & authentication of the data in the certificate as
‘declared facts’

IntelliCAS enables dematting of all high-stake certificates and
mark sheets thus

  • Making the printing of documents redundant
  • Making logistics irrelevant
  • Bringing down the cost of certification process
  • Making the certificates/mark sheets tamper proof, fire proof & ‘ageless’
  • Providing literally ‘zero cost authentication’

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