Compact and elegant, our IntelliDEVICES are meticulously crafted to enhance user experience while implementing our solutions.

IntelliPAD® is a lightweight hand-held device that ensures just in time delivery of question papers. Hardware and biometric authentication is required for verifying that the right candidate is accessing the relevant question paper.

Sanctity of examinations is ensured as IntelliPAD® is geo fenced and has live tracking enabled. If the device is taken to a restricted zone, question papers cannot be accessed. The entire eco system ensures that the right question paper is delivered at the right time, at the right place. No faux pass!

Key Features:

  • Last Mile delivery: IntelliPAD® ensures the secure delivery of question papers that are securely stored in KenCLOUD® to the candidate’s desk
  • Ensures security: To access the question papers, hardware authentication of IntelliPAD® and a registered candidates’ biometric authentication is required. This ensures a secure environment for conducting examinations is created
  • Relevance and accuracy: The relevant encrypted question paper is transferred to IntelliPAD® after successful biometric authentication and candidates can access the relevant question paper at the beginning of the exam ensuring just in time delivery