IntelliEXAMS® mobile app- Ease of accessing and managing assessments on-the-go

Education is often at a crucial juncture since it’s very important for economic prosperity and workforce development. Mobile learning and with-it assessments have also overcome educational problems. Interactive and personalized learning are the assets that candidates get from mobile apps. For candidates, assessment-based apps provide convenience by helping them to achieve more in less time. It can be said that learning and assessment mobile apps will prove to be candidates’ best friend in times of need.

Mobile learning can take place anywhere, anytime, thanks to mobile devices and mobile assessment apps. Candidates can now access educational resources whenever they find most convenient and engage in powerful mobile learning experiences while on-the-go. However, mobile learning courses can only be truly effective if there is a way to assess candidate’s knowledge and determine whether they have actually absorbed and retained the subject matter.Well-developed assessments help to ensure that candidates absorb the information they need to meet personal or professional goals.

Mobile users are spending 87% of their time in apps, versus just 13 percent on the web.

Taking this as a base of opportunity, we revolutionized our IntelliEXAMS® mobile application by bringing world of assessments at your fingertips. Anywhere, anytime and on-the-go accessibility for the assessment users.

Assessment users are always looking for new ways to assess their candidates’ work. Regardless of what curriculum you teach, assessment is something that assessors must conduct every day. Thanks to the latest in mobile technology – IntelliEXAMS® mobile app, assessing candidates’ work has never been easier!

IntelliEXAMS® is a One-Stop-Solution for the Assessment Ecosystem. It provides end-to-end assessment solutions for K12 & Higher Education, Coaching Centers, Recruitment Centers and Corporate. The technology suite offers complete solution from “Assessment creation till results & feedback”.

Key features that have revolutionized IntelliEXAMS® mobile application are:

  • “Wow effect” user interface
  • Delivering question papers ‘just-in-time’ on candidate’s device using BYOD
  • Geo-fencing of QP printing
  • Scanning at source instead of traditional scan desk
  • Onscreen marking system – On-the-go evaluation anytime, anywhere
  • Dashboard analytics with statistics
  • Intuitive Performance Analytics

Administrators and Controllers of Examinations will have instant access to detailed dashboard analysis for:

  • Status of candidate registration
  • Delivery of question papers in multiple locations
  • Answer scripts evaluated
  • Result analysis
  • Live tracking of exams

IntelliEXAMS® mobile app gives candidates information about their exam location, hall tickets and evaluated answer scripts.

Why choose mobile apps

  • Mobile Apps are faster
  • Personalized content
  • Instant Online and Offline access
  • Push Notifications and instant updates
  • Branding and Design
  • Productivity Improvement and cost reduction
  • Interactive Engagement

Mindlogicx has brought in a revolution in the assessment industry through the IntelliEXAMS® mobile app. IntelliEXAMS® handles the complete life cycle of examinations, assessments and assignments that includes candidate registration, examination attendance &fee management, question bank management, question paper generation & BYOD enabled secured question paper delivery, digitization at source of handwritten answer scripts and their on-screen evaluation, processing and publication of results with intuitive performance based analytics.

With IntelliEXAMS®, candidates, parents, and tutors can also collaborate and connect on a single platform and discuss report cards, grades, or assignments seamlessly. Improvement plans can be created focusing on each candidate one at a time.

IntelliEXAMS® armed with the formidable technology squarely addresses all the security threats rooted in the traditional exam system. IntelliEXAMS® mobile app can be used by all assessment conducting bodies and it has brought in an evolution of the revolution by disrupting the assessment market.