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IntelliEXAMS® offers innovative, secured cloud-based solution for examination management system, perfectly blend with art and technology to conduct high-stake examination in distributed environment where operating foolproof examination is a daunting challenge. IntelliEXAMS® manages end to end process of examination from online registration of students to generating mark sheets. Addressing all type of malpractices in examination process, it provides complete peace of mind to the universities.


IntelliEXAMS® controls online registration of candidates, examination fee management, hall ticket generation, question bank management, question paper generation and secured delivery, digital evaluation of hand written answer scripts to result processing, internal mark uploading, and reporting of the results. To administer all these segments securely, system has been segregated in four modules below:

  • Master Data Management
  • Exam Scheduling
  • Exam Application
  • Attendance Management
  • Exam Fee Management
  • Hall Ticket Management
  • Internal & Practical Marks Entry
  • Question paper management
  • Secured electronic delivery of question paper directly from the KenCLOUD to students
  • Biometric-basedauthentication
  • Just In Time (JIT) delivery for risk mitigation
  • On demand question paper delivery using IntelliPAD®
  • Improve efficiency and transparency in the evaluation process and address inaccuracies
  • Answer scripts are scanned and allocated to evaluators for digital evaluation
  • Multiple evaluation and re-evaluation processes are quicker and simplified
  • Dummy number allocation is done automatically by the system
  • Evaluation “on the go”
  • Option for the students to view their evaluated answer scripts
  • Scanned answer scripts can be easily archived for future references
  • Easier tracking of evaluation process
  • Result processing
  • Result publishing
  • Dashboards for analytics
  • Marks-card generation
  • Printing degree certificate
  • Convocation management

Challenges IntelliEXAMS® addresses

  • Question paper leakage
  • Tampering of question papers

  • Impersonation of candidates

  • Managing extensive data in distributed environment

  • Errors in evaluation

  • Tampering of certificates


  • Effective examination management system
  • Automated data validation and multi-level verification
  • Automation of entire life cycle of university examinations
  • Secured data management and controlled access
  • Distributed process management and centralized data management
  • Electronic communication system
  • Conducting examinations without any leakage of question papers
  • Distributed authoring system giving convenience of having the best set of question papers
  • Digitized question paper delivery through KenCLOUD omits the scope of question paper leakage
  • Engineering process in question paper generation
  • Foolproof evaluation
  • Schedule preparation and printing of tamper proof hall ticket with photograph
  • Fee management, attendance management and internal & external mark management
  • Results analysis and e-publication of results
  • Mark sheet and certificate printing with security features
  • Provide tamper proof certificates
  • Instant result view
  • Performance analysis
  • Checking attendance, fee details and mark details
  • Access question papers and various reports

IntelliEXAMS® also has its omnipresence in Apple App Store & Android Play Store