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IntelliEXAMS® is a state of the art integrated Examination Management System for conducting “high stake” examinations for universities and large exam bodies in a distributed environment. The system handles the complete life cycle of examination from registration to result processing.


  • Master Data Management
  • Exam Scheduling
  • Exam Application
  • Attendance Management
  • Exam Fee Management
  • Hall Ticket Management
  • Internal & Practical Marks Entry
    • Question Paper Management
    • Secured Electronic Delivery of QP
    • Encryption
    • Secret Key
    • Hardware & time based authentication
    • Just In Time (JIT) question paper delivery for risk mitigation
    • On demand QP Delivery using IntelliPAD
      • Improve efficiency and transparency in the evaluation process and address inaccuracies
      • Answer scripts are scanned and allocated to evaluators for digital evaluation
      • Multiple evaluation and re-evaluation processes are quicker and simplified
      • Dummy number allocation is done automatically by the system
      • Option for the students to view their evaluated answer scripts
      • Scanned answer scripts can be easily archived for future references
      • Easier tracking of evaluation process
      • Business Intelligence enabled graphical tools like dashboards for efficiency in the whole process
      • Tools for statistical analysis of whole result data
      • Option to provide email and SMS alerts for result announcement
      • Reports can be generated in a variety of formats
      • Student –wise mark sheet printing with security features


  • Adminster Exams from Planet Earth to Any Planet
  • Scanning & uploading of Handwritten Answer Scripts
  • E-valuation anytime & anywhere
  • Delivering the certificates with Highest Level of Security
  • Printing of degree certificate with SECURED authentiction code
  • Dashboard for decision making
  • Instant access to data through Push Architecture
  • Anytime Anywhere access from our KenCLOUD