IntelliTUTE® is a state of the art technology platform and a comprehensive cloud enabled Solution to assist tutors in Managing, Conducting & Evaluating Mock Exams while providing In-depth Student Performance Analytics & Parental Oversight.

IntelliTUTE® Key Components

IntelliTUTE Components

IntelliTUTE®– Value Creation

  • IntelliTUTE will enable candidates to take up mock and home assignments anywhere any time
  • Helps the tutors to reduce the time spent on exam process and enable them to become evangelist and motivators for the candidates.
  • Clients can save huge amount of money by automating whole process end to end
  • IntelliTUTE enables clients to have least human intervention in conducting mock exams and assignment management
  • Brand reputation of the schools and tutoring institutes is enhanced by adopting IntelliTUTE, the future proof technology suite

Key Features

  • Automated Mock Exam Generation – Online & Offline
  • Mock Exam Scheduling & Management
  • Question Paper delivery on mobile app
  • Answer scripts scanning at source by mobile app
  • An Intuitive On-Screen Marking System
  • In-Depth Student Performance Analytics
  • Tutor and candidate management