Towards making the students Job Ready, they are encouraged to go through reskilling and upskilling programs using Educards which contain a 16-digit Knowledge Access Code (KAC) each and password to access the programs. Then the authentic student profile database is provided to the corporate for their placement requirements using “Job Ready” Portal.

The Job Ready portal is the only portal available that provides access to authentic freshers’ database. The corporate can view the students’ performance graph and conduct recruitment examination.

The Business model designed to reskill and upskill the students is a Pyramid model approach.

Business Model comprises “campus to careers” roadmap for students

  • Top of the Pyramid

    Represents high end skillswhich are niche today, but will become mainstream over a 2-3 year horizon. Some examples are Cyber Law, Information Security, Business Excellence, etc.,

  • Middle of the Pyramid

    Represents skills which are mainstream today and represent majority of the current skill gap in the industry.
    Some examples are business skills and IT Skills

  • Bottom of the Pyramid

    Represents relatively simple Soft skills such as Time Management, Communication Skills, Language Proficiency etc,

To make the students Job Ready they are trained on various soft-skills followed by business and IT skills prevalent in the current job market. Finally, the students learn the niche skills which can fetch them main stream jobs in a couple of years of time like jobs related to Cyber law, Information Security, etc.

Knowing the right mix of skills trending in the job market and scaling the skill-level of fresh graduates and presenting the skilled man-power on a single portal are the key take-aways that JobReady4U gives the employers.

Candidates never lose out on job opportunities as they will be in the horizon of employers hunting for prime candidates for a job.

JobReady4U does an exact match of the skills needed by employers and the skills honed by GradFIRST® thereby bridging the gap between employer and employment seeker.

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