Able leadership that leads us in the knowledge firmament

Mindlogicx firmly believes that, “Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.”

Leadership at Mindlogicx is designed to empower the company in the knowledge arena. The best strategy is followed to make strides that will make a mark in the sands of time!

At Mindlogicx, we have a very strong technical team who are obsessed about changing the world with technology. The leadership team at Mindlogicx is very focused and driven towards nurturing innovation and excellence. The team consists of passionate people who have the courage of conviction and grit to make their imagination a reality. The end goal is to empower humanity with knowledge, so we can ignite the minds of everyone across the globe.

About our Founder, CEO and Chairman – Mr. Suresh Elangovan

Our founder is an engineer by profession and a perfectionist by practice. Known for creating disruptive technologies and markets that never existed before, he leads by example. A true innovator and a curious creator of a world of endless possibilities, he can go to any extent to make it happen once he makes up his mind. This speaks for the technology prowess of Mindlogicx which has unmatched credentials in the knowledge engineering domain.

He lives by the code of conduct that technology can be accessed by the common man, ensuring it has soul to connect and speak with customers. Known for creating a market that never existed before by providing “Experience as a Service”, he has built many flagship products on the VEDAS (Virtual Education Delivery and Assessment System) Platform. One such master piece is the world’s first integrated examination management system called IntelliEXAMS®, which has served over 5 million userbase as on date.

He draws inspiration from the eminent Scientist and ex-President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam with whom he was closely associated for some time and from his idol Steve Jobs, the iconic founder of Apple Inc. He feels proud to share the same birthday as Steve Jobs. He feels committed to create value in the lives of people who will be using the technology of Mindlogicx.

An avid reader, prolific writer and an eloquent speaker, and leverages his strengths to champion the cause of innovative technology in Knowledge Engineering domain. Suresh is a man with a mission.

To build Mindlogicx into a global IT company that can change the world by value innovation and not a mere technology innovation. He believes in a world that has no walls, no boundaries and no barriers – a world that’s united by technology. To this end, he works with missionary zeal to accomplish it. Team Mindlogicx is fortunate to stay inspired by his able leadership.