Mindlogicx is a Global Knowledge Engineering company that has a holistic solution for examination assessment. We believe in blending knowledge and technology to give a solution that is innovative, futuristic and secure. Examination bodies world over need a solution that addresses the various issues faced while assessing candidates’ competency and knowledge in a subject. Mindlogicx provides a fool proof technology for assessing a candidate’s knowledge and application of what he has formally learnt in educational institutes and corporate arena.

Our Products and solutions are designed to make learning an interesting experience wherein the learner can evaluate how much they have learnt and continue at a pace that is suitable for their individual needs. The assessment technology at Mindlogicx is designed to encourage transparency, efficiency and accuracy in the field of examination assessment. We have reduced human intervention and therefore increased efficiency and accuracy. We deliver systems and solutions by using international standards systems and processes.

Our mission is to be a globally respected disruptive technology company that helps to enable, educate and empower the world. We want to create innovative solutions in the knowledge engineering domain with the help of future proof technology. Come, Experience this technology marvel of the century!

Suresh Elangovan is the Founder, CEO and Chairman of Mindlogicx group, the Global Knowledge Engineering enterprise specialized into rolling out innovative products and solutions that can change the world forever. He lives by the code of conduct that to build technology for common man and makes sure the technology has soul to connect and speak with the customers. He is known for creating a market that never existed before by providing “Experience as a Service” (EAS). He has built many flagship products on the VEDAS (Virtual Education Delivery and Assessment System) Platform. And one such master piece is the world’s first integrated examination management system called IntelliEXAMS®, which has served over 5 million userbase as on date.

At Mindlogicx, we have a very strong technical team who are obsessed about changing the world with technology. The leadership team at Mindlogicx is very focused and driven towards nurturing innovation and excellence. The team consists of passionate people who have the courage of conviction and grit to make their imagination a reality. The end goal is to empower humanity with knowledge, so we can ignite the minds of everyone across the globe.