Measures we can take to stop question paper leakage

Conducting high stake exams in a distributed environment in a foolproof and secure manner is a daunting task for any examination body all over the world. Many Examination conducting bodies go through an excruciating process of managing the examination with vast amount of data such as scheduling exams, managing the candidates, administering multiple examinations in a single center, avoiding impersonation, ensuring the question papers are not tampered and taking care of the whole process end to end in order to protect the sanctity of the examination. The present-day environment poses numerous security threats, the topmost being the question paper leakage. Leakage of question paper happens because the access to question paper is not tricky but simply possible while drafting, printing, and transporting to examination centers.

According to a recent news report by DT NEXT there have been question paper leaks during the Class 10 and 12 board exams over the past two years in India. The Education department officials therefore have been striving hard to put in place a foolproof mechanism for the upcoming board exams to ensure that no such leaks take place. In December last year, several question papers, including that of Mathematics, Physics and Commerce, meant for half-yearly examinations even for Class 11 students were allegedly circulated on the social media sites. Repeated incidents of question paper leaks have not only adversely affected the image of the educational institutions or university concerned, but also the Education department.

In yet another recent news report posted by The Guardian, examination authorities were forced to review the integrity of the school examination system in England after a “completely unacceptable” security breach led the Edexcel board to withdraw and replace an A-level math paper over fears it had been leaked. The potential leak was discovered at the same school suspected of being the source of an A-level math paper offered for sale via social media. Investigations further revealed that a sealed packet containing the math paper had been “opened by an individual” at the same school.

To deal with this threat and keep up the sanctity of the examination process, a high level of security is mandated, which if implemented can result in high costs but still not guarantee you peace of mind. We at Mindlogicx can assure you of complete peace of mind with IntelliEXAMS – a one-stop assessment solution for any assessment / examination needs all over the world. The technological suite of IntelliEXAMS addresses all the above examination related challenges securely through the Question Paper Delivery System (QPDS).

To avert the menace of Question Paper leakage, we at Mindlogicx have succeeded in addressing the challenge successfully with our end-to-end solution named IntelliEXAMS. The Question Paper Delivery System (QPDS) module in the IntelliEXAMS ensures secured delivery of question papers on candidate’s device using BYOD enabled technology. The question papers can be delivered and accessed by candidates in a distributed environment for both pen & paper based exams and online exams. The question papers are encrypted and there is no chance of tampering of question paper. The question paper delivery system is exceptionally secure because only the authorized subject matter experts, controller of examinations and administrators have access to the question paper.

In pen-and-paper based exams or in offline assessments, question paper is delivered on the candidate’s device, but candidates write the answers on the physical answer scripts which are scanned and then sent for evaluation. Question Paper Delivery is done through BYOD enabled option that helps in delivering the question paper sharp on exam time on the candidate’s device; thus, removing the chances of any malpractice.

In online exams the question paper delivery is done on client-managed PC or on candidate’s device using BYOD enabled option. The question paper will be downloaded using an internet connection just-in-time for an exam. When the exam commences, the questions are individually displayed on the device along with the options.

Question Paper Delivery System is a unique solution that involves circulating critical exam question papers to candidates in a timely & secured manner. This secure question paper delivery system makes it much easier for examination bodies to have access to updated technology at a lower cost.

Special features of Question Paper Delivery System for enhanced security

  • Paper & Pen based assessments:
    1. Geo-fencing of QP delivery BYOD for printing
    2. Hardware based Authentication for Printing
    3. Time and location stamp on the print
  • Online assessments:
    1. User Authentication
    2. Hardware Authentication
    3. Client Managed Online Proctoring
    4. Encrypted Question Paper
  • QP template creation and management
  • QP upload facility in .pdf and .doc formats
  • QP layout management
  • 4 layers of authentication to maintain security
  • Support for all three platforms of Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Just-in-Time Delivery
  • Virtual Private Cloud based Transmission
  • SOS features for Last Minute Generation / recall and Upload of Question Papers

Value creation of Question Paper Delivery System

  • Has in-built Item Banking System (IBS), QP authoring tool and options for integration with native LMS and Google Classroom and Apple Classroom ecosystem
  • Supports any form of assessment including Pen & Paper Based, Online or MCQ, test prep or mock assessments, Corporate Assessment and home assignments
  • Swift and speedy question paper creation saving valuable time
  • Cloud-enabled solution, ensuring no loss of data
  • Enables secure and Just-in-time delivery of question papers to test centers in a distributed environment
  • Live tracking of question papers with intuitive analytics on IntelliEXAMS mobile app

Security and secrecy of question papers is an essential element for the success of overall examination process. If done manually it is prone to errors and there is high probability that the question paper may get leaked. In order to eliminate the manual process, question paper delivery system can be implemented through the IntelliEXAMS assessment solution. It helps to securely delivery question papers just in time on the candidate’s device using BYOD option. The question paper delivery system also helps to eliminate administrative and logistical cost of managing question papers. You can now conduct high stake examinations securely and seamlessly, thanks to this modernised question paper delivery system which was the need of the hour!