Mindlogicx Assessment Softwares

Mindlogicx revolutionary suite of products

Mindlogicx Assessment Softwares

There’s something poetic about delighting users through groundbreaking technology, which could otherwise be intimidating. Our revolutionary technology offerings are custom built for users and are centered around their requirements. In a nutshell, our products are easy to use yet address and solve pain points of businesses big and small. We constantly innovate with a goal of keeping our customers ahead of the curve in today’s competitive environment.  With this objective in mind, we have come up with disruptive technology products and solutions for knowledge management, skills enhancement and e-commerce framework through an intelligent technology platform called VEDAS (Virtual Education Delivery and Assessment System). So far, the products that we have created broadly fall under the following verticals:

  • Examination Management System (EMS): for hassle free high-stake examination automation
  • Knowledge Management System (KMS) for promoting graduates as “knowledge workers” and enabling them to be ready for the job market

Our suite of products and solutions are based on the symphony of knowledge and technology, made possible by our expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality and Big Data & Analytics.

Our Products: IntelliEXAMS®:

Conducting high stake examinations without any security breach is a common concern of university administrators across the globe. IntelliEXAMS® addresses these concerns by handling the entire process of examinations:

  • Pre-exam: Online registration of candidates, exam fee management, internal marks uploading, hall ticket generation, question bank management and question paper generation
  • Post-exam: Secured delivery & digitization of hand written answer scripts, on-screen evaluation, processing of results and their interpretive reporting

The platform has foolproof encryption technology to that keeps security threats at bay.


IntelliCAS® is a unique technology built to combat the menace of counterfeited certificates. In other words, it is a pioneering certificate authentication systemunder which certificates awarded to students by universities are authenticated through a Global Access Code. The product is built to prevent tampering of high stake documents such as marks sheets and certificates. Besides, it exponentially increases student opportunities internationally, as their certificates can be authenticated through GAC.


The time between graduating and landing is pivotal in defining a graduate’s career for the rest of their life. GradFIRST® is a hybrid finishing that trains graduates in analytical, cognitive, and communication skills to boost their employability prospects and makes them industry ready. The platform delivers re-skilling and up-skilling programmes using advanced technology-driven tools for live classrooms and online dissemination of knowledge. GradFIRST® prepares graduates for a career head start in the domains of IT / ITES, Banking and Insurance services.


JobReady4U matches the skills needed by employers and the skills honed by GradFIRST®, thereby bridging the gap between employers and job seekers. It addresses large-scale hiring challenges faced by organizations by providing them skilled workforce on a platter.

We believe that technology cannot thrive unless it connects seamlessly with humans and flawlessly integrates into the eco system. While technology could be the essence of value creation, the knowledge that empowers technology is the value innovation that creates markets that never existed before. We are a disruptive technology company that has led a new wave of Value Innovation for the global community.