Our offline assessment solution is specifically designed for ‘pen and paper’ exams through IntelliEXAMS®. This assessment solution can also be accessed through our mobile app.

Exam administrators can get a detailed overview of each process. From candidate registration, question papers accessed/downloaded, evaluation and result processing, information will be available on the go. Knowledge of these details enables data driven decision making.

Experience sheer bliss with our offline solutions!

Just in Time Question Paper Delivery:

Question papers will be delivered through IntelliPAD® from the cloud directly to the candidate’s desk.  IntelliPAD® can be activated by hardware and biometric authentication to access the question paper so the right candidate gets the right question paper. Experience Symphony in motion!

On Screen Marking

Handwritten answer scripts are scanned, uploaded, and saved in the proprietary cloud system, KenCLOUD®, for easy retrieval. Evaluators can access these securely integrated digitized answer scripts and marking can be done anytime, anywhere.

Errors in totaling, incorrect allocation of marks for questions can be resolved, thus ensuring fair evaluation. Time taken to evaluate each answer script can also be tracked. This is a unique on-screen marking solution that is digitized for delight!

Results processing & Online Publication of Results:

Marksheets and degree certificates can be printed with secure authentication code. A Global Access Code is assigned to each to make them tamper proof. Our offline solutions analyze and give you a dashboard view of the pass and fail ratio of the examinations conducted. With Mindlogicx’s offline solutions, you can experience seamless symphony with authenticity while processing results.

E Governance:

Enables master data management that allows examination bodies to schedule and manage exams. From registering candidates to issuing admission tickets to attend the exam, all the processes involved can be handled. Peace of mind is guaranteed!