IntelliEXAMS® - A One-Stop-Solution to Accelerate the Assessment Procedure

“Success and growth come back solely through continuous effort, diligence, positive attitude”, and this is what our education system implies. As we live in the world of competition each one of us needs to set a goal, must work hard, struggle a lot to achieve it and wish to prove their potential at every point of time.

One solely will notice their actual potential, caliber by facing the examination, that has become a necessary part in each field. Whether or not its small institutes or an enormous organization, depends on the examination to take out best from the candidates, however, to follow the standard examination procedure is extremely tough to conduct examination for several individuals together.

So, is there any solution to come out from such complexities? Well yes, IntelliEXAMS® is a one stop solution for all your examination and assessment needs. As virtually every one of us is familiar with the internet and use it in our way of life thus can’t we use it to resolve the issue by including Examination Management System such as IntelliEXAMS®.

To provide strength to our education system Mindlogicx has come up with an end-to-end examination and assessments solution known as IntelliEXAMS®, we have a tendency of working to accelerate the assessments procedure and resolve the complexities concerned within the traditional examination system.

IntelliEXAMS® is an excellent software for Exam Management system that can effectively automate and streamline exam planning and execution, and it has been designed to make the examination processes easier and paper free. IntelliEXAMS® offers innovative, secured cloud-based solution for exam management system, perfectly blend with art and technology to conduct high-stake examination in distributed environment where operating foolproof examination is a daunting challenge. The exam management system of IntelliEXAMS® manages end to end process of examination from online registration of candidates, attendance details, creating question papers, delivery of questions papers through BYOD option, scanning of answer scripts, digital evaluation to result processing.

You can prepare the examination question paper in very simple and quick approach, just by selecting the questions from the centralized database according to the subject.

The candidates can appear in the examination under the surveillance of auto proctoring setting once the question paper is delivered on their device as there will be no need of invigilator.

Expanding the convenience of utilizing IntelliEXAMS®:

    • This software provides high data security and ensures high-speed system.
    • The examination can easily be conducted online on internet or offline on the local network.
    • Question papers can easily be created by selecting the questions as per the syllabus or the topic.
    • The Candidates can appear for the examination from any location as our end-to-end software suite is available on a mobile app.
    • It is the most cost-effective, accurate and reliable system.

We are all currently connected by the internet, like neurons in a massive brain; Internet and technology have almost taken over every field and most significantly the education system, whether or not it’s the learning methodology or the examination procedure.

From small coaching institute to an enormous organization all are depending on technology-oriented examination methodology, as they conduct exam for many candidates together and therefore there is a need of user-friendly, secure and reliable software which can easily accomplish all the examination procedures without any complexities.

IntelliEXAMS® is an amazing way to conduct exams and assessments for higher education space, coaching centers, corporate and recruitment boards. The solution not only offers you intuitive, innovative, end-to-end features but also provides a user-friendly environment and much more.

It is the most cost-efficient, cloud-based and secure platform, that is created with a motive to provide the best solution and interactive environment.

Now to gain such amazing benefits into one single platform, I’m certain you’d not have rethink to incorporate IntelliEXAMS® for your day to day assessment needs and conjointly to reinforce the examination approach.