Promoting Online Learning and Securing Online Assessments with Intelligent Remote Proctoring

Today more and more universities, schools, colleges, coaching centers, recruitment boards, corporate, and various other assessment bodies are conducting examinations and assessments online. While conducting high stake examinations online in exceptionally large numbers, how can assessment or examination conducting bodies prevent candidates from using unfair or dishonest means in order to gain an advantage in examinations? Especially if the candidate has the option of attempting the examination online from different locations?

Challenges for conducting online assessments

It’s a well-known fact that malpractices in online examinations are on the rise. One of the sad truths about examinations today is that candidates come up with creative techniques to gain an unfair advantage in an exam, be it an online or an offline exam. There are also other challenges such as candidate impersonation and question paper leakage.

The major concerns for assessment bodies are to deal with such malpractices and to address the various challenges by bringing in innovative assessment solutions that will not only take care of secure conduction of online examinations/assessments but also will provide end-to-end solutions for their online assessment needs.

How an innovative assessment platform helps promote secure online learning and assessments with remote proctoring

Let’s be clear: assessments need to be made secure in order to avoid malpractices. To build and maintain the credibility of the tests/examinations/assignments that you conduct, it’s extremely important to prevent malpractices at any cost, an innovative assessment platform ensures that.

Following are some of the features that an assessment platform provides to promote online learning and assessments:
Integration with LMS, IMS & IBS
The online assessment platforms can easily be integrated with existing learning management systems, identity management systems, and item banking systems.
Access to Apple Classroom & Google Classroom
One can also create interactive learning environments through cross-platform integration of Apple classroom and Google classroom, which encourages participation from all candidates.
Performance Analytics or Reports
Candidate achievements can be tracked and monitored, using intuitive performance analytics.
Mobile Assessments
Candidates can take assignments / mock tests using the user-friendly assessment mobile app.
Question Paper Delivery at remote locations
Question papers are delivered securely ‘just in time’.
Data Encryption
An online assessment platform has a cloud-enabled solution with data encryption. It means there is absolutely no chance of any loss in data and entire data is secured.
Scanning and direct upload of answer scripts
An online assessment platform has a scanning feature that enables a candidate to scan his written answer script using an assessment mobile app and upload it into the system for assessors to evaluate.
Onscreen Marking
Quick and accurate marking of uploaded answer scripts can be done anywhere, anytime, on-the-go with Onscreen Marking System.
Result Generation
Results are instantly declared when it comes to multiple-choice question type assessments. For assignments or mock tests, results are declared as soon as the evaluation is completed in a limited amount of time.

The future of proctoring with an innovative online assessment solution

There are two levels of security that an innovative online assessment platform uses with its remote proctoring solution to create a secure online examination environment:

  1. Monitors the candidate’s screen

That allows the administrator to send warnings to candidates when they navigate away from the screen.

2.Uses intelligent proctoring

It allows the administrator to monitor hundreds of candidates at one time using one screen from any remote location around the world.

Following are some of the proctoring solutions that ensure secure conduction of online assessments:
Secure Browser
The secure browser prevents candidates from opening any other window while the online examination process is going on. Candidates have no access to any apps installed on the device or can use keyboard shortcuts while taking the examination.
Automated Online Proctoring
In this process proctoring takes place through the use of an online assessment platform with access to audio, video, and screen feed of the candidate while taking the examination.
Candidate Authentication
This is a 4-step authentication process in which the candidate’s identity is verified. The 4-layers of authentication include – user, time, geo-location, and device.

– User authentication verifies the logged-in user details.

– Time authentication verifies the question paper printing, exam time against the current time.

– Geo-location verifies whether the device is within the set geo-location.

– Device authentication verifies whether the device used is a registered device or not.

Exam Timer

This feature is used to allot a specified time to each question. The system moves on to a new question if the specified time elapses. Post completion the result can be shown instantly to the candidate.


Mindlogicx through its innovative assessment platform – IntelliEXAMS, provides a one-stop-solution for all assessment or examination needs around the world. Different examination or assessment bodies use different assessment solutions to conduct examinations or assessments, but by using the online assessment solution of IntelliEXAMS you can rest assured of interactive and amazing assessment experience. Increasingly examination bodies are adopting standalone examination technologies to improve the quality of online examinations with options of multiple question types and simulators.

As assessment conducting bodies feel the increased pressure to protect against academic misconduct, IntelliEXAMS can deliver scalable remote proctoring solutions and unique teaching and learning experience at affordable prices, helping K12 & Higher Education, Universities, Schools, Colleges, Coaching Centers, Recruitment Boards and Corporate to ensure the integrity of their high-stakes online assessments.

IntelliEXAMS also helps promote online learning with innovative solutions. Leveraging IntelliEXAMS online assessment solution with remote proctoring allows any examination to be conducted anywhere at any time in a distributed environment, and it takes away the need for costly examination centers too.

In this digitized era, the focus of many assessment bodies will necessarily shift from how to conduct class virtually and how to assess candidate learning outcomes online most effectively and securely.