Online Assessments are the future in achieving complete digitization

An examination is a crucial undertaking for any assessment body because it informs about the performance of a candidate and helps the educators to put together improvement plans accordingly. Admin’s or COE’s are accustomed to managing both assessments and assignments of a large number of candidates dispersed over vast geographic areas.

The traditional assessment system is susceptible to many security threats and needs modernization as for improving the effectiveness, mitigating time and cost included and acquiring responsibility and transparency in the entire procedure. Any security-related occurrence, for example, question paper leakage, candidate impersonation, tampering of certificates or answer scripts may pose a serious threat to the reputation of the assessment body.

The assessment system needs to be modernized and upgraded constantly through the use of latest technology. The assessment bodies therefore need to understand that exam automation is no more a “good to have” but a “must have”. In order to fulfill the requirements of assessment bodies to conduct assessments securely and efficiently, Mindlogicx has built up a forefront technological suite called IntelliEXAMS.

IntelliEXAMS assists in achieving complete digitization of an assessment  through its compelling technological solution for conducting online assessments in a distributed environment effortlessly and with ease.

Let us now understand what online assessments are and how it works with our one-stop-solution for assessments – IntelliEXAMS.

The revolution of Internet

In this modernized age of technology, the world has appeared to digitize and shift everything online from food orders to shopping on e-commerce platforms to reserving rides, nothing has remained untouched, not even the education system. The utilization of electronic devices like laptops, computers, tablets and mobile phones have made the transition to an online system easy.

Online assessments managed through IntelliEXAMS, have not just facilitated the life of K12 & Higher Education, Recruitment Boards, Coaching Centers and Corporate, but has also brought about a high level of transparency and efficiency.

The rapid growth of Online Assessments

Digitization is the key to the future of online assessments. Online assessments are the most widely recognized requirement for all assessment bodies in today’s digitized era. Regardless of whether you are a university, coaching institute, recruitment board or corporate, the idea of having an online assessment software to conduct examinations seamlessly should have already crossed your minds.

According to a recent educational research statistics, 94% of examination conducting bodies say that candidates improved their academic performance after online assessment technologies became incorporated into the educational system.

Benefits of Online Assessment with IntelliEXAMS

Anywhere, Anytime Accessibility:

With IntelliEXAMS online assessment solution, assessment bodies can conduct assessments, examinations and assignments anywhere, anytime with ease. An internet connection is all that is required to provide secure access of online assessments to the candidates.


IntelliEXAMS online assessment solution is highly scalable and can manage a large volume of data of candidates, faculty, and the administrators across geo-locations and environment.

Exceptionally secure:

The IntelliEXAMS online assessment solution is very safe and secure with absolutely no chance for any malpractice or hack. It has a locked-out device during the exam period. There is no access to any apps installed on the device, camera or use of keyboard shortcuts while taking examinations online.

Supports All Types of Content and Creation:

IBS – Item Banking System is one of the focused components of the IntelliEXAMS online assessment solution, because it gives the faculty the power to keep a question bank ready for generating the question paper. They can simply fetch questions from the bank saving a lot of time that is spent in manually drafting. Questions can be in form of multiple choice, short answers, long answers, etc. IBS aids in quick and easy question paper generation. Once question papers are generated, they are stored in an encrypted format on cloud.

Integration with Apple and Google classroom:

IntelliEXAMS online assessment solution is compatible with Apple and Google classroom. Hence, it aids in complete digitization of an institute. The assessment solution assists candidates in viewing, writing and submitting their assignments online with ease.

Performance Analytics Report:

Through the IntelliEXAMS online assessment solution, results can be shown instantly to the candidate post completion of digital evaluations. The result of the recently conducted exam can be seen online that depicts the performance and grades of a candidate. The result is shown in form of graphs and charts to help a candidate self-evaluate his/her performance.


In today’s fast-growing world, you can either stay behind by following traditional assessment system or else you can adapt to the latest technology solutions and outplay. Transitioning to digitized online assessment provides numerous benefits to all the institutions ranging from K12 & higher education and coaching institutes to a recruitment board or corporation running certification programs or assessing training effectiveness. Mindlogicx can help establish your institute as a topmost brand by helping you to demonstrate improved performance of candidates and create a trust for your institute.

Switching to IntelliEXAMS online assessment platform can be a giant leap, however the holistic solution offered is very promising and effective. As they say, the first impression has always a great lasting impression.