Our Payment Management System is a customized solution that is specifically designed to suit the requirement of Colleges, Parents and Students to facilitate, easy payment options for students and convenience to parents while sending monthly required money to their child and provide user benefits on regular spending.

Why Scholar card

  • Cash on Plastic. Currently no banks offer credit card to student
  • Access to E-commerce portals for online purchase (Convenience)
  • Pay for low value transactions (Inside and outside Campus)
  • Secured and multiple payment mode (Mobile, Online, Physical Swap)
  • No Credit Checks on Transaction (OTP)
  • Student’s specific Value deals
  • Enhanced/Improved Cash equivalent Value


Student’s Benefits

  • Enhance global purchase reach
  • Can be used across all modes of payment – Mobile, Net, Physical swap
  • Insurance with hospitalization benefits
  • Subsidized rates/deals across Food, Lifestyle , Travel and all other essential services

Benefits to parents

  • Easy and immediate Transfer of funds from any bank to scholar card
  • MIS access of card uses
  • Convenience of sending money at regular intervals rather than monthly transfer

Advantages to College

  • College brings the world to its Campus
  • Cashless Transaction system inside campus
  • MIS reports to monitor all inside campus transactions