IntelliEXAMS® offers innovative, secured cloud-based solution for examination management system, perfectly blend with art and technology to conduct high-stake examination in distributed environment where operating foolproof examination is a daunting challenge.

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Mindlogicx has designed and delivered, the world’s first integrated technology platform called VEDAS® (Virtual Education Delivery and Assessment System) that powers most of its services in the higher education space. The BI (Business Intelligence) enabled technology platform with a futuristic vision is an encompassing, flexible and is highly scalable one to meet the complex, evolving and varied requirements of the present day education system.

VEDAS® is the foundation that powers the flagship services of Mindlogicx including its patent pending technology suite – intelliEXAMS® which automates and manages the complete life cycle of examination process of universities in a scientific and secured manner. The company also offers technology based solution in the Assessment Market – the origin of which again springs from VEDAS®.

The focused approach of the company in building and managing the company’s flagship products and solutions powered by VEDAS. The company’s suite of products and solutions are closely knit technology enabled eco system – thanks to VEDAS, which has made this daunting task possible!

In its core, is continual innovation, research and development and Mindlogicx propagates this culture through in-house “innovation centre” that develop customer centric solutions to emerge as the leader in knowledge delivery and management domain.