Technology as a domain can’t be stand alone. It must go with the human life cycle of value creation. No great technology can thrive unless it connects seamlessly with the human being as part and parcel of the eco system. While technology can be the essence of value creation, the knowledge that empowers the technology is the value innovation that defines a market that never existed before. Value Innovation and not mere technology innovation differentiates us from the ordinary and makes us extraordinary as a great Knowledge Engineering Company and has enabled us to open commercially compelling new markets which we have created, nurtured and operate upon.

So here we are.

Disruption is all about creative destruction whereby the old is destroyed or replaced with the new and we have become exceedingly efficient at it. We are a disruptive technology company known to have blended the human touch points as value creation and led a new wave of Value Innovation for the global community. We have created a Blue Ocean for ourselves when it comes to a wonderful fusion of technology innovation and market innovation, leading to value innovation to the customers.

We believe we are completely different
from the lot and certainly not yet another
software company. We are a movement to
change the world and we will change
it forever.

We see new ideas turning into tides of new technologies and big ideas metamorphosing into innovations. Armed with the vision, insights, and perseverance to realize the right solution, Mindlogicx excels in the domain of knowledge engineering. Creating the knowledge and its application in alignment with the vision and strategy of an organization is the engine that takes the organization to the next avant-garde level.

Mindlogicx has an alluring array of tools and platform served on a platter, with each tool pertinent to specific maladies residing in the knowledge systems. In short, Mindlogicx has carefully crafted a symphony of knowledge and technology to smoothen the disarray in the knowledge engineering domain with a suite of compelling products and solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

Big Data & Analytics

NLP (Natural Language Processing)

Mindlogicx has set a new trend in technology innovation. With poetic touch in everything we do, we ensure the bleeding edge technologies are custom built for our customers to feel it, sense it and simply love it. We love it when our customers love our products and we love that feel as well. Maybe we are too crazy to think we can make them feel at peace with our technology offering while the industry is content with confusing them with buzz words. We provide visual delight in our offering using a blend of technology and creativity that makes us stand apart from others and move us from good to great. We simply love that feel!