About Mindlogicx

Mindlogicx is a global technology product development company in the “Knowledge Engineering” domain.The company offers best of its class technology products and solutions for capturing, processing, managing, and delivering the knowledge resources to the users. The technology offered by the company addresses the challenges related to assessment management, reskilling &upskilling of graduates and professionals, and virtual education delivery ecosystem that can empower a knowledge society in a world of limitless learning. The technology service delivery of the product offerings are powered by the AI enabled technology platform known as VEDAS® (Virtual Education Delivery and Assessment System).

Product Offerings:


IntelliEXAMS® is the world’s first comprehensive AI-powered assessment engine that helps manage the entire life cycle of assessments taking care of security, data anonymity, and test integrity. The assessment services are utilized by leading universities, school boards, and international schools for automating their examination processes.


GradFIRST® enables candidates and professionals to embark on rewarding careers with online skills development. The skill development platform offers self-paced reskilling and upskilling programs to prepare candidates for various sought-after jobs. The platform also offers candidates to securely deliver digital content and automatically generate digital certificates upon completion of specific programs.


VedasLIVE® allows educational institutions to scale up the learning process to a full-scale Virtual University framework and offer the convenience of learning under anywhere, anytime pedagogy. It provides a learning path to individual users along with the facility to connect with peers through a unified virtual classroom for self-paced learning with live lecture, in class experience and online polling.


As of 2020, the company’s flagship product IntelliEXAMS® has the following credentials:

  • Serviced more than 6 million users
  • Delivered securely 45 million question papers
  • 70 million answer scripts evaluated online


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